Why Do I Stress? | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

Lele Pons

Lele Pons

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    1. Lele Pons


      1. Ivan Quintana

        Hi @Lelepons 😍 im so in love with you 😍 so Cute 😍

      2. Pickle Nick

        Lele Pons Thank you for another train wreck of the video

      3. aliza lightninray*

        I luv u lele you r my idol my dream women

      4. Anrajok Anthony

        Lele Pons 500th reply! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖Good night! Its 8:39 for me :)

      5. Anrajok Anthony

        Lele Pons you are inspirational

    2. Helen mae Apale

      hi. lele pons and Hannah stocking I'm helen Mae apale I'm a artist I'm beautiful and talented and I am a cool and smart

    3. annalisa senarain

      how did you grow your hair plsssss tell me 👀

    4. Silent scream


    5. Elisa Han

      Bend even moreee

    6. Elisa Han

      The comment section is funnier than the video

    7. Catia Espo

      Sottotitoli italiani!!!!

    8. AquaMusician

      It's a food baby, gotta feed it. 😂

    9. Suba Saeed

      You guys told her to relax she did 😂😂

    10. xd CryptedSoul playz

      5:11 is that a ow chain?

    11. manito haciendo ok

      Mi papá me pega

    12. maisie wilson

      omg its 4am and i have school tomorrow

    13. Nadia Bg

      because you’re latino.

    14. Chiara Sible

      This isn't at all funny >:(

    15. Samantha Valladares

      @lelepons omg that’s me hahaa dímelo cantando . De madre X’D lmao

    16. Kai Hari Haran Nair

      Lele ur amazing

    17. Davinia :3

      Omg this girl is very crazy xD

    18. Weird Penguin

      I loved this! But if you guys don’t find this funny then don’t watch her. No need to make a rude comment like “how if this funny”. I get it’s your opinion but it’s kinda rude.

    19. Pickle Nick

      Literally no tween knows what IT-new is Wayback when it used to be funny if used to have humor but now these stupid ass viners now are you tubers in getting into scandals and people are supporting it literally I don’t know what it IT-new is at all. Literally the people were watching a IT-new video you have no life

    20. Brenda’s World

      Just like me...

    21. soda can

      my favorite part was at 6:11

    22. BTS jungkook

      1:41 türkiye dedi

    23. brielle rosario

      i love your skits you are the best keep doing what you love because what you do is amzing

    24. Shadows Of Hell

      That's odd my phone is also at 90 percent while I'm watching this

    25. Headmasterhiccup Aj

      Omg u have the same tap as me lmao

    26. Smart Cookie

      Everyone is talking about how this is not funny I think it’s awesome and funny good job Lele don’t worry about the haters

    27. Rodolfo Gayta

      Lele don’t clean the house that fast and your phone is not dead and always do yoga ok you got me right Lele ok bye👍😊

    28. Horses_101

      Luv it

    29. Peter Mijango

      This was such a great video

    30. Isabel Gonzales

      My name is cardib13

    31. Isabel Gonzales

      Lele do u have color therapy

    32. xXmelina proXx gamer

      I love Lele!!!

    33. _VOIDSTONE_ PãřyDáhx

      She was on her period for that thumbnail. XD

    34. Supreme Brizzy

      Old lele was better

    35. Ghita stars

      I love youuuuuuu

    36. Kersiha Campbell

      Am I the only one the comments is funnier than the video


      Hi lele my birthday is on June 25, we had the same birthday. I love your vids also your vines 😍😍😍

    38. Angus HallFord

      Everything about that yoga scene was so original.

    39. Essaks 786

      4:40 it sounds like a minecraft song

    40. ツDia Avu


    41. badxoxo JS

      Grey hairs

    42. carlos echavez

      Im a big fan of you

    43. Just Another Commenter

      *Your vids are great Lele! Don’t listen to the haters!*

    44. T H A O D U O C . N E T


    45. Rob the Martian

      This isnt funny it is cancer

    46. Puss 'n Boots

      And when you think you bended enough Bend more And then bend more

    47. RandomPosts 5422

      Your phone is at %90. Lele: *DANGER.*

    48. Elsa Smith

      This is the least funny thing I’ve ever seen

    49. Casin0ne

      Was I supposed to laugh?

    50. Gabriella Ramireova

      she is so funny ! !