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Wallows - Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo) [Official Video]



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    Official music video for “Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)” by Wallows off their debut album Nothing Happens, available March 22nd.
    Listen to Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo):
    Pre-order Nothing Happens bundles:
    All album pre-orders grant first access to presale tickets to the Nothing Happens Tour. Pre-sale begins Monday Feb 4 at 10am local time. Tickets on sale to public on Friday February 8 at 10am local time.
    Director: Drew Kirsch
    EP: Tara Razavi
    Producer: Stephan Bielecki
    DP: Justin Kane
    Production designer: Mike Benna
    AD: Lauren Bates
    Color: Dimitri Rajapakse
    Rep: Emily Sanders @ Reveur
    Editor: Melvin Tokyo
    Titles: Haleigh Hoff
    Prop master: Sammy Mcentire
    Happy Place PM: Tony Stackhouse
    PM: David Markun
    Hair/Make Up: Marla Vazquez
    Stylist: Kristine Urzua
    Steadicam: Jose Espinoza
    1st AC: Sam Hecker
    2nd AC: Edgar Gonzalez
    Key Grip: Blake Farmer
    Gaffer: Derek Robinson
    BBG: Aaron Burton
    BBE: Isaak Van Der Meulen
    PA’s: Colby Ammerman, Ben Jenifer
    Commissioner: Shadeh Smith
    Label: Atlantic Records
    Thumbnail photo: Dillon Matthew
    Cameos: Brian Jones, Nina Ljeti, and Noah Centineo

    Tour Dates:
    Tickets at:
    April 13: Indio, CA - Coachella
    April 20: Indio, CA - Coachella
    April 22: Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom*
    April 23: Vancouver, BC - Venue Nightclub*
    April 24: Seattle, WA - Neumos*
    April 26: San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore*
    April 30: Dallas, TX - House of Blues *

    May 1: Austin, TX - Scoot Inn*
    May 2: Houston, TX - Warehouse Live*
    May 4: Atlanta, GA - Shaky Knees Festival
    May 6: Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer^
    May 7: Washington, DC - 9:30 Club^
    May 8: New York, NY - Irving Plaza^
    May 10: Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club^
    May 11: Clifton Park, NY - Upstate Concert Hall^
    May 12: Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall^
    May 14: Detroit, MI - El Club^
    May 15: Chicago, IL - Metro^
    May 16: Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Café^
    May 18: Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre^
    May 19: Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf^
    May 20: Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom^
    June 2: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso (Upstairs)
    June 3: Hamburg, Germany - Molotow Sky Bar
    June 6: London, UK - Brixton Electric
    June 7: Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute
    June 8: Glasgow, UK - Stereo
    June 10: Birmingham, UK - Hare and Hounds
    June 11: Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
    June 13: Paris, France - Les Etolies
    June 14: Antwerp, Belgium - JC Bouckenborgh
    * Mk.Gee Support
    ^ Joy Again Support

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    1. JackStill Sam


    2. Cherry . cloudz


    3. lenax0

      they should've used clairo's adlib at the end of the last line

    4. kookie

      I accidentally clicked on this video and this is the best accident I ever made

    5. Isa Bella

      Kinda nice how Dylan is also an actor, because this way you get great acting in the videoclips :)

    6. Sophie M

      Isn’t that the guy from 13 rw ?

    7. Brandon Rivera

      Who else is here because scrawny just came out?

    8. Santosh Adhikari

      This is wayyyyyy too short

    9. Santosh Adhikari

      This, Picture of Girls

    10. a malay cactus

      *hear this 1000 times until get sick* Wallows : are you bored yet? me : yeah definitely

    11. Sushanth Kumar

      Running all the day in my mind

    12. Micks Emcee

      Filipino's? ako lang?

    13. NewWaveFreak 1989

      Like the song and all. Video was cool. But it doesn’t feel like the 80s/early 90s to me much. Everyone looks like they came right out of the 2010s but just wearing some vintage stuff. Everyone should have changed their hair a bit or something. Just feels like LA hipsters. The beginning and the tube tv healed some of that. Much of 80s/early 90s fashion and trends are back. So I’m glad they are going in this 80s synth direction. This will help the movement

    14. Rowyn 26

      Why don't you come to Cape Town?!😭

    15. Whomest Grace

      This song is really good I stan

    16. Overrated ?

      Wallows should do a collaboration with boy Pablo!

    17. bella14331

      Connan mockasin or what

    18. e l l e


    19. ryan was kneeling

      who is noah and where did he/she appear???

    20. Soul Drifter

      Milk is a hell of a drug huh?

    21. The Awkward Losers Dead


    22. Greta Johnston

      is that noah centineo wtf

    23. brooklyn testa


    24. Alessia Rose

      I absolutely love this song, and all of your other music!!! Please tour Australia!!

    25. Matthew Thompson

      i’m gonna be listening to this when i’m 80

    26. Leslie Macias

      My new obsession❤❤

    27. sunshine

      I spot some Regrettes

    28. Bella B. Lima

      I Love It 💕

    29. Kimberly Cruz

      OMG I barely noticed that that's the guy from thirteen reasons why!😱

    30. Charley Varrick

      getting there

    31. Charley Varrick

      yeah almost.

    32. rock and roll

      Y ur face is always sad and serious

    33. saved music

      this is like a movie!! wallows, you are my favorite band and i just uploaded a cover of are you bored yet. I know it won't happen, but who knows, maybe you'll take a look at it? :)

    34. Itscamayaaa


    35. Mimi Torralba

      are you bored yet?

    36. Jo Hayden

      I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times !!!

    37. Trinity !


    38. Leesa


    39. Addison Allen

      I will refer to you from your band rather than from 13 reasons why now, because frankly people need to know about your band

    40. r o


    41. Lena H.

      Sooooo unterrated

    42. Luthfi Himawan


    43. Eva De Lange

      Omg I'm there when you guys play in Amsterdam!!

    44. diana kabysheva


    45. Lily Mundi

      here for it!

    46. fierce Z

      The Wallows : are you bored yet? Arianna : Yeah...break up with your girlfriend cz I'm bored...~

    47. Stream of Coraline

      How are the wallows SO good

    48. Naomy


    49. Lauren 19

      Lydia !!!!

    50. Brad Williams

      What are some of the things you think of when writing lyrics?

    51. Allison Labucay

      i wanna go to coachella just for them

    52. ryann45

      Uhhh okay this actually fucking slaps??? Looking forward to the whole album.

    53. rosie newhall

      reminds me of the "dance to this" music video from troye and ari

    54. loreley estrada

      I can’t find Clairo in the music video help

    55. renee myles

      who’s here for clairo!!

    56. α

      Emma :(

    57. Yo llama Tama

      This song makes me miss the life I never had

    58. Aleks Dex


    59. showtell

      Is this clay from 13 reasons why?

    60. CharLove

      I keep seeing this on Facebook and now I can’t get the song out of my head lol

    61. XxisaiaslXx

      1:27 Harry Styles?

    62. Ania Z.

      Dylan and Noah duet is so greatful

    63. eggy

      Gurl where is clairo

    64. moon light

      Omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaáaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    65. Kingdom Le

      This is what the kind of high I want to have

    66. Tayane Oliveira

      ❤️❤️❤️I LOVED

    67. Marlene kween

      1 million Views are mine

    68. Marlene kween

      I can't stop listening this song

    69. alyssa  wallace

      you had me until peter kavinsky was here

    70. Hitakangkhi Gogoi

      love you you dylan

    71. Lul Rito

      check out my instrumental remake¡

    72. Elena Hein

      SUCH a banger Also, a total Fjord and Jester song, thank you Sofia, especially with the milk

    73. Noelle H.

      This music video reminds me of the short film Right Place, Wrong Tim.

    74. che aguilar

      It kinda reminds me of IV of Spades (band from philippines)

    75. AmPeD Up

      How have I not found you yet??

    76. Naomy


    77. majestic goku


    78. rich shanelle

      you’re telling me i been listening to the wallows NOT KNOWING DYLAN is in this specific band AND not knowing he’s the lead singer ??? um ok

    79. ananas nelson

      I thought I was the only one crazy about this song ❤️

    80. carrot

      omg one million views!

    81. Gul Jul

      I’m so lucky i found this song

    82. Sandy Styles

      I feel in love with this song ❤️

    83. i n t r o v e r t


    84. lyca dalogdog

      this music makes me wanna hate the person i dont like and love the person i love and sit beside him in a darkened spot of how exactly that video was

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      wow lovely

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      Need more songs like this!

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      I love this song makes me happy! 🤗

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      Loving the vibes

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      yes they hit 1mil

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      Hear this on SiriusXms alt nation!!!

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    92. Marinars

      This song is just so good ! can't wait to hear the whole album

    93. Yanel AD

      the best crossover

    94. Reid Roberts

      The intro is just like New Light by John Mayer

    95. freyaeli


    96. Melany Ox

      Alta canción

    97. Erick Castro

      This is an amazing song, congrats Wallows! a hug from Colombia!

    98. Ratoftheswamp

      I love that his girlfriend and the band shes in (the regrettes) are in this video.

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      Lo retro es la onda

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