Wakey Wakey...

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    1. s _ink

      Lo sientes o si si se que lo sientes el hype perro

    2. astraltae


    3. _xlyssacookiex_

      PLEASE READ!!! I'm only wondering if anyone else went frame by frame. I caught something. Go frame by frame after the duck opens the door and it has one frame of what it looks inside of where the duck was looking into right before it goes to the red guy!!!!!

    4. james gaming5


    5. Ian McQuay

      How are duck and red guy back?

    6. Thunder Lugo

      I like the song in the background

    7. 1000 Subs Just By Making Funny Comments

      the key is in the 4th scene and in the dark welcome to ClayHill scene there is a angry lock. so what I'm thinking is that they are now back under ROYS membership and them and the tournedos things that ROY sets apon them are now trying to escape together. this could be true because at the end of last season he unplugged Roys control system

    8. xox danny


    9. Steven Dorsey

      This will probably be scary, but it will probably still not be as scary as when this came out: it-new.net/online/video-iKcWu0tsiZM.html

    10. Reyli Barroso

      I'll go wakey wakey later

    11. Kiara Johnson

      What’s gonna happen this time?!

    12. CII studios

      film theory's gonna have fun

    13. Austin Hart

      Just gonna wait for Matpat to make his next theory on this one because we all know its coming.

    14. Michelle Sisson


    15. Huckle Knuckle

      netflix or youtube red

    16. Yoloboy 24135


    17. Guns And Squips

      Guys! 0:07, Red Guy is walking through a forest, presumably trying to shout something. In the interview with It's Nice That, he states that he has a reoccuring dream where he was lost in a forest for 10 years and something was ominously following him and calling his name. He would try to scream but nothing came out. Until he woke up out of boredom. Coincidence? I THINK NOT (Source: www.itsnicethat.com/features/dont-hug-me-im-scared-interview-030516)

    18. 1000 Subs Just By Making Funny Comments

      HOLY SHIT WERE BACK BOISSSS such an inspirational moment lol

    19. Panda Monium

      It’s back oh my god

    20. Holly England

      But why

    21. Little Mix

      We're Not ready.

    22. Tahmid Islam

      All theorists getting excited

    23. KennyChaos

      I hope greens finally a creative color

    24. DanteKinkade

      I feel excited for us, I feel bad for the cast.

    25. Robert Leverett

      If you go to 0:09 and pause you see there in a forest Your welcome

    26. Nathan Eells

      Oh shoot, they back

    27. Lil uzi Verticusss

      What song do they play in this trailer it’s lit af

    28. Baltazar Aguilar

      I thought we all agree to not be creative again

    29. Joanna Phıllıps


    30. Foxy plush locks

      I can't stop watching

    31. Foxy plush locks

      Ok so if I stop watching this will it come out

    32. Doggo

      Tf I thought this ended

    33. Foxy plush locks

      So yellow guy is 38 or 4 or 5 na 7 or 6

    34. [be]n

      Too much green

      1. Ponygirl AJ


    35. LeMich Gzz

      Thank you but mah body ain't ready yet

    36. Chris Wade


    37. Dried UpGrapes

      spooopy my dude

    38. Randy Flores

      The back part of the major head has a purple circle and I think that is the purple circle at the end of this trailer

    39. Matt the fab boi of them all

      FINALY A SHORT VID GEEZ ITS BEEN 2 YEARS btw this is realy good i love it

    40. Randy Flores

      I think that this will be about red guy getting the major and stopping duck

    41. Cazcalex


    42. leevi coker

      00:9 tony the clock and the clown picture yellow guy paints in the first episode

    43. Ponygirl AJ

      please no

    44. Master XxC

      They have come back to scare us

    45. nolifeboy


    46. Itzel Ruiz

      ¡Yeah finally!

    47. tea

      i need this song on spotify

    48. Kurt Barrios

      Watch it at 0.5×

    49. Foxy plush locks

      I just can't wait