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    Featuring Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica
    Directed by Dave Meyers
    Travis Scott online:
    Epic / Cactus Jack
    (c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

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      2:45 Editor: So how much fire do you want in this part of the video? Travis: ever been to Taco Bell? Editor: say no more

    2. owl6ix

      the message is so powerful, you'll notice its a bit deeper than just famous people being idolized to the point they start to create an image of them being "god"... its also on a racial level, take note

    3. Bryson the Mad Pencil

      This shit super satanic

    4. Thiago Ribeiro


    5. Dominic Patterson

      I feel his pain

    6. ane skintveit

      yeah i totally i agree ,peaople should stop playing god,yepp,travis scot merch,hilsen ane jo

    7. Luccas

      Welcome to the shop! 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 Each cost 1 like! Enjoy!

    8. Osbaldo Belmontes

      Get ready he's coming

    9. Krissie

      3:15 when you get shampoo in your eye

    10. zurab kalashnikov

      Stop it Kanye

    11. lawwy lawrence

      Travis Scott : stop trying to be god. "tries to be god in video" 😂😂

    12. Erine2Tru

      Lucifer Is Our God And Saviour!!!!!!

    13. bombastic styles

      god is a woman

    14. mx

      Stevie on the harmonica is heavenly

    15. Rodeo Stan

      He should recreate bad mood shit on you

    16. tua mamma

      U are from sardina like me?

    17. wladimir beatin'

      I get the whole perspective of famous people getting a god complex. But again could this be a realization that the illumination of our own minds is the greatest task of our lives. And that on a personal level most people have become god of their internal universe, free to set the restrictions by which they live. And by that asking each person to accept the conditions by which the father created us, thus accepting the light which will illumine us. Since it is not our job to be gods of our existence before we are truly enlightened "Just know what this about; palmtrees, oceans, fresh air that can break your heart" Basically what it's about, maintaining the earth in a condition where we can live on it "They did not create commandments" who didn't create which commandments? But then gain this whole thing could be anti Illuminati. There's a lot of astrotheological concepts displayed but i honestly don't feel like writing a whole bunch more now

    18. GBRL

      super wack.

    19. Adam Siemiątkowski

      A black sheep what a surprise

    20. that 1 person

      Tha fuck?!? Damn that hidden message is hella real....😶

    21. Manuel Garcia

      Who is god? Is it the interdimensional collective superconsciousness that resides inside every living thing and then goes back to the dimension we cannot measure when any conscious living thing dies? Or is it the damn squierrels tryna take over reality Coke is a helluva drug 😁

    22. Lung cancer

      god made acid for a reason and this music video is it

    23. Azentic

      i am 90% sure he read the lyrics straight from the bible

    24. Melvin Tyler

      You didn’t create life so why take someone else’s

    25. Frank Matthews

      Destroying the world in two different pairs of Jordan's

    26. spinning debbie

      That THING at the end is NOT a Lamb, it's a dragon. Beware of double speak.

    27. Ana Lopez


      1. Ana Lopez

        :3 c: :) :* XD

      2. Anthony Ortiz

        +Ana Lopez DEAD

      3. Ana Lopez


      4. Ana Lopez

        good song right?

    28. King Skullz

      Please tell me This is America came out last year, so I can say this is the HARDEST video of 2018

    29. djtoshbiko777 4321

      CNN if you will not stand up for Marc Lamont Hill as you did Jim Acosta, then never complain about FOX NEWS because it makes both of your organizations the Same paid and bought for.

    30. Casquinha Van der boer

      Ksi should listen to this song

    31. Antonio!? Anto!?

      I don t understand im From Romania but i love Travis Scott music

    32. dzair news tv

      subcribe me if you love travis scott :) and thank you all

    33. Sav age

      i wonder wen i hear dis song

    34. Hey Yoo

      Weirdly off but catchy.just learning about this guy.i like his music but so ackward


      The end of the video. A woman holding the lamb and a gypsy woman standing im the shadows. #Chosen

    36. Zeus Guy

      This remind me of patience by Damian Marley and Nas

    37. DaGod Messsiahh

      Underrated song in 2018 💯

    38. Himanshu Tuteja

      2:06 is the best part

    39. QuickDice

      This song is so underrated...

    40. Otavio Serpa

      O Brasil te amo

    41. Kamilo Turino


    42. isabel isabelll

      *Kanye has left the chat

    43. ThedarkersLive

      one of the best of travis, still underrated

    44. Eivind Limon

      To bad he cut off most of James Blakes verse at the end... best part of the song in my opinion!

    45. sageejumanjee

      great visuals...great creativity...great explanation on the people that surround your world everyday...nice

    46. Tojo Rabemananjara

      This is that controversial shit.


      james blake must be much longer

    48. Lost Boy

      *Trevis Scott é do capiroto*

    49. hugo ordaz

      This church is lit