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    Enjoy the trailer for THE THINNING: NEW WORLD ORDER, starring me, Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Calum Worthy & Charles Melton. Coming to IT-new Premium VERY soon...
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    1. John Paul

      please someone off me

    2. stan edits_

      I forgot Logan Paul excited.....

    3. Tomboy_doggo kid

      I thought you canceled it 👌

    4. Khen07


    5. Simon Says Vlog

      doesn't look that cool

    6. supermanGT

      Guess it's all bout the money. Why the fuck would IT-new support this douche!

    7. Tiger Gang

      Man, this movie looks so damn good

    8. Laurent L

      I don’t want to see this shit on my home page ! 🤮

    9. Mini Inquisitormaster

      ahhh I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!☹️❤️❤️❤️

    10. microtechmachineshop

      is this like the movie the island?

    11. Nicholas Stewart

      Let's make a movie about how students are killed due to overpopulation, then instead keep them alive to work on an assembly line. Oh SNAP! Good work Paulers. This is the future you wanted.

    12. king joker

      I thought his channel wasnt allowed on the trending page?🤔

    13. Audra Parsons

      The beard scares me

    14. Guild

      Lets get this to get more dislikes than Baby, and Sweatshirt combined!

    15. Edwin Ortega

      So are we gonna get another season of scare pewdipi

    16. Aly K

      This looks so cringeworthy, Logan Paul no thanks

    17. vista wanderer


    18. SummerRae Foster

      i have been waitting for this movie since last year yay :) love u logan

    19. Michael Morales

      What the Fuck?

    20. nick slack

      Please follow my ig @kam_slack

    21. Eazy account

      *-Is defending Logan Paul a good thing?-*

    22. Ray’s Exotic Fish


    23. GoldenPoptart

      I want scare pewdiepie

    24. Team Champion

      They should make a movie about him getting bald

    25. Game On

      Omg he has a beard

    26. AndrewThabest

      Wow first IT-new accepted gays now this yikes

    27. U1Cuber

      why is this on trending

    28. Bestn8ivealive

      Guess it’s fair to say that pewds got robbed lmao. IT-new is getting more stupid.

    29. Ek Gaming24

      When it is coming out


      The Thinning Series Is Back In Business

    31. James Hyatt

      This looks pretty cool

    32. Delfina Lizardo


    33. criss clark

      IT-new you gives this idiot his series back but not my man Pewdiepie???? Smfh

    34. Stephen Hernandez

      Logan Paul: *shows dead body to child audience* IT-new: It's okay people make mistakes PewDiePie: *Does harmless but offensive joke* IT-new: OMG HOW dArE yOu *cancells show*

    35. Sakiho

      I can't wait to see this but the only thing i don't like about this is Logan

    36. Beelzebabe


    37. A. Miller

      This title is misleading! I thought it would be about LP's thinning hair! That hairline is receding with his audience approval. His edges tapped out with his authentic emotions. Looking at the thumbnail, it's now obvious he wears a beanie to bed every night.

    38. Thundachicken Animation's

      Just wait till you see Greg Paul kissing an under age girl, just you wait

    39. MiriamMason franks


    40. Shameless Commenter


    41. Team Beastmode

      Actually pretty good!

    42. Emma

      Can’t believe people are gonna pay to see this

      1. Griffin Winter

        Emma they’re not paying to see it, they’re paying for youtube red and it’s other services

    43. Griffin Winter

      50% of comments: Logan Paul should burn in hell, he doesn’t deserve an acting career because he’s not a nice guy 25% of comments: IT-new sucks 25% of comments: Scare Pewdiepie got cancelled, and he only said the n work and made several anti Semitic remarks Relax, it’s a movie. Just because he’s not the best of guys, doesn’t mean he can’t have a career outside of vlogging

    44. Chad Fortin

      this movie looks soooo good!!!!!!!!!

    45. 10000 Subscribers without videos

      Who is stupider? Like-IT-new Comment-Logan Paul

    46. Shneeples

      Time for ads of this shit

    47. Thundachicken Animation's

      They should’ve of stopped with the first one, don’t release this garbage in my birthday month

    48. VinceWasTaken

      Guys stop hating his movies at least hes not recording dead people in them

    49. Rubi Ortega

      Logan im freaking out lol Im sooooo exited about The Thinning 2 :)

    50. Dulce Olmeda

      Dame Logan you be looking like daddy with that beard 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍