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Summer Mix 2018 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music Chill Out Mix By Magic

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    Summer Mix 2018 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music Chill Out Mix By Magic
    Thanks Max Oazo was supported a lot of nice tracks in this mix.
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    Pubblicato il 8 mesi fa


    1. kake make


    2. Eddy Mashele

      This video needs more ads!

    3. Elsewhere

      Cami Max & Bonzana (♥ω♥ )

    4. Kevin smith

      I don't know what took my mind away more... The music or the video.... wow the video love it. Thankyou.

    5. Sweet Fox

      боже как красиво

    6. SSG Pro

      BELLE BLONDE GROS LOLO Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    7. Justine w chaks

      i really thank this gratefull deep mix house music lovabable

    8. ToLyanich

      обожаю хаус и транс музыку) сразу настроение работать поднимается.

    9. Daniel Rivera

      What beach is that?

      1. Kevin smith

        What one?? There is a location list in comments. I have copied it if you can't find it.

    10. Андрей Дементьев

      SuperMix! Thanx a lot 🙏👍💗

    11. Сергей Иванов

      Зачёт. Также красиво как у меня в деревне. Только чуть чуть похуже

    12. Maik Forster

      Schade war ein sehr schöner Mix. Aber alle 5 min werbung ist einfach zu viel.😤

    13. Sayri Samin Kashayawri

      06:52 :D Nice for this hot day! Thanks!

    14. gold and gold

      I'm the one who enjoyed full video and done my workout.

      1. Kevin smith

        Best video

    15. просто филя

      канализация куда там вытекает?

    16. yellow green

      Хороший сборник! спасибо!

    17. Diar Seonubi

      This is the first music I made I am still studying and I have to learn a lot.

    18. Артем Петухов

      дичь с 42.05

    19. Shannon Peper

      is thee a spotify for this?

    20. wander khaello



      Can someone give me all of the locations, please......

      1. Kevin smith

        There is a list. I have the list. Or have you found it?

    22. AGGROBERT 84

      If the DJ sucks The thumbnail Bitch would fix it 🤣

    23. Bobb 11

      Who wait the summer?????

      1. Kevin smith

        Summer is here......go with the video.....

    24. Anumeha Succena

      What is the song at 46:00 onwards ? it's very good:D

    25. Mustafa Kurt

      Harika music. 💙🐰💘😉😁😇😜👦🐈👌✌️😄💟💔😋✋🐧😛🎓💌😸

    26. Jaderson Sofiate

      As pessoas que dão deslike devem ter inveja, só pode. É tudo perfeito.

    27. Abigail D

      Love her voice

    28. Kamau Carolinee

      Excellent è musice

    29. Kamau Carolinee

      Nice music

    30. Cerveza Olofsson

      hermosass las chichisss

    31. Marcos Santos

      Boa noite. Eu amo de mas essas os lugares sao muito lindo.adoro. Parabéns pelo videos👏👏

    32. Яков Суворов

      ох как же красиво

    33. Sacramento Joyleen

      Does anyone know where the video was shot? Especially view between 4-6 min? Kindly appreciate any reply. Peace and sun!

      1. Kevin smith

        Many places.... 0.03 Bora Bora. 2.34 Hawaii. 5.14 Palawan. 10.42 Maldives. 14.18 Villa Honegg Switzerland. 15.59 Santorini, Greece. 19.24 Hawaii. You tube channel switch 22.58 Phillipines 22.50 Caribbean 26.17 Ponta Sur. Mexico 27.27 Cayman islands 28.00 Jamaica 28.30 Dominican republic 29.13 Africa 32.08 Iceland 33.16 various 37.43 western Australia 39.31 repeat list

    34. Emil Zaharia

      So serene The best video and music. Despite I'm a rock fan this particular mix blow my neurons lol

    35. Ale Martinez

      NO NO no fabulosa musica buen trabajo chicos.

    36. Ale Martinez

      Preciosa musica y ademas lindos lugares algun dia visitaremos

    37. le minh

      likes for all

    38. le minh

      everything as same dates

    39. Emily Natera

      What is love? xdxd

    40. Jean-luc la cible


    41. fundament4l

      Hello is the music any good I have bad WiFi can’t load it

    42. Мr trap

      Привет!) Зацени объемны 8D звук на моем канале. Ты не останешься равно душным))

    43. DJ SEC

      🍓 🍓 🍓

    44. Ewelina G

      Fajna piosenka

    45. Stance Work

      18:00 Song?

    46. Владимир Петро

      DJ DALLAS - MY WORLD 2019

    47. LEDMakeLight

      Nice remix

    48. Terry Komo

      Как хочется прикоснуться к такому раю!!!!!!!!!

    49. Tommy Rosser GREAT IDEA

    50. WTF BANGER

      worst canal ewer

    51. Floma Life

      Que du bon son pour passe une bonne soiree

    52. Daisy the fox!

      I listen to and watch this everyday! I LOVE THE ENTIRE VIBE❤❤❤

    53. TheSecondProject2

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAA That Girl is Pilot Madeleine. She is the daugther of my schools principal xD so funny to find her here while studying for exams listening to this mix

    54. Dam Daniel

      ningún hispanohablante comenta esto? o nadie escucha :V?

      1. Dam Daniel

        +Sergio Eliot Rodriguez 10/10

      2. Sergio Eliot Rodriguez

        yo escucho, checa mi lista con pia en la portada

    55. Andrzej Helman

      kiedys tez tak sie zabawie,super muza

    56. S. G.

      AWESOME!! Is there any possibility to get this Mix on iTunes?

      1. Kevin smith

        Download it from you tube.

    57. Domenico De. Luca


    58. Tulga Khishgee

      Just perfect

    59. UDanny Boy

      Abbey's uncle OO2. I Bought her one of those.nightstand barn loft

    60. AcidGlow

      *Nice mix and great footage* ✅😁

    61. mrvnnn

      3:20 where is this?

      1. Kevin smith

        Hawaii from 2m34 to 5m15sec

    62. Ноу Нейм

      жду с нетерпением 7 июня, именно тогда начнется мое лето

    63. q-BASS

      Goo to my Kanal

    64. 林泽琛


    65. Jonh Rai


    66. farmacia esteve

      que buen culo tiene la rubia

    67. AsesinoGamer

      Hermosas canciones y hermosos lugares perfecto !excelente

    68. Mahmut Bas

      really amazing

      1. Kai Music


    69. E. Mendez A.


    70. Cesar Mussavele

      muito bom o mix

    71. Bruno Heitor

      Qual o nome desses lugares??

    72. Giamy Giamy

      So nice places i feel it . Like a dream

    73. salome john

      thats nice

    74. Esmelin Funez


      1. Esmelin Funez

      2. Esmelin Funez

    75. John Ra

      Good job, very cool to chill out

    76. Nelson Castellano


    77. Yury Garcia

      Mencantoo esa cancion

    78. Русский Гитарист

      _Вступайте в группу Electronic AMF тут хорошая музыка,deep house и minimal, требуется редактор..._ **

    79. Alex CAxalin

      Ни одной новой песни, диз

    80. Frank Y


    81. Nan Cao

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    82. JayStan Philipo

      Best summer mix

    83. Ausra Bee

      Love it

    84. Ghyles Taki


    85. Ta Vinh

      chỉ có thể người có tiền mới đi được... Ai Việt Nam ko điểm danh đi

    86. Музыка Желаний


    87. Boris Atanasov

      where is this place in 4:48

      1. Kevin smith

        From 2m 34s Hawaii up to 5m.14s then it's Palawan.

      2. Kevin smith


    88. Cristina Bautista

      Where is the place?

      1. Kevin smith

        What time in video. There are many places. 17 In total. There is a location list in comments. I have it if you having found it.

    89. Olukayode Ak-Gilbert

      Summer loading, can't wait.

    90. Isabell Pettersson


    91. Marcelo sanchez montoya


    92. Joseph Joestar

      This ain’t real deep house this is like mainstream shit

    93. JohnnyJohnnyeatingsugar

      I came for the music