Shock Therapy Quiz w/ Jack Whitehall & James Corden

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    Old friends Jack Whitehall and James Corden face off in a quiz to see who knows the other better. Wrong answers are penalized with a pretty strong electric shock impulse.
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    1. Sophia Mills

      James really needs to do this with the Dolan twins

    2. Yazmin Stubbs

      Is no one going to talk about that weird laugh at 1:20 😅

    3. ohphotography photography tutorials for you

      The way jack is holding it 😂😂

    4. Melissa Morada

      im waiting for james and harry styles playing this game

    5. Rukaiya F

      Jack is the most poshest commoner

    6. Carleydouglas Xx

      The boy version of Miranda Hart x😂😂x

    7. Gaya Mor

      "No you were close" "J J JJuly" Buzz "August" 🤣🤣🤣

    8. Andrew Cater

      This James Cordon is a bit of an analysis. He's married? Yes, but yet he acts homosexual. Is he funny? At times, but more critical with a smile on his face. He looks like he could bite your head off and people would say, "oh, thats funny James". Most talk show hosts are shills and that's an expected part of the job so one can't fault him for that, except to say he doesn't mind being a shill and pandering to whomever. First impression - neutral funny and bubbly cherub; 2nd impression - cherub, sexually indeterminate, bully, shill.

    9. Vicky w

      Why is Jack sosubdued, he seems a bit depressed!

    10. M1tch M4c

      Oh yeah yeah

    11. sara ad

      Jack is adorable!!

    12. littlesmew

      How come James keeps getting fatter?

    13. Nolan Roy

      Where do I buy these?

    14. Jon Cooke

      I laughed so hard at James Cordens face at 5:01-5:06

    15. Zero Two

      im also born in aug uwu

    16. Grezo _

      Jack and james my dream

    17. jeanseb roux

      15years is not a "very long time" friendship...

      1. jeanseb roux

        +Thomas Thas more then 20

      2. Thomas Thas

        Yes it is? How many friends do you have that exceed that many years.

    18. Sexy Sea-bass powpow

      Is anyone else bothered by Zoe she looks so uninterested and bored

    19. moiya richardson

      He should do this with Harry

    20. David Tingwald

      4:12 James is loving this. That face he makes after shocking the other guy. LOL

    21. Olagonin Chancer

      James Cordon is so fake and unfunny.

    22. kaister901

      Is that girl by any chance Belle Knox? She sure looks hell a lot like her.

    23. saturngirl20

      I want that game now

    24. slowpudda

      OMG Jack

    25. BexleyAnnabelle

      When james did that face and said “stupid game” I felt like we got to see a glimmer of smithy 😂

    26. JohnS1704

      Glad we managed to offload these two onto the Yanks.

    27. Marigold

      4:02 December 16th is my birthday. Whoop whoop

    28. Chase Murry

      U'd think someone that takes wieners in the butt would have a higher pain tolerance...

    29. Harry Schmidt


    30. mewhite1991

      Where can i buy this game?

    31. JuneBug

      James you're getting fatter!! 🤔 you're rich, get a personal trainer! Xxx

    32. bigbangnone

      Cordon is gay. And he should not make fun of shock therapy ! Children is being shocked in the USA in Boston !!!!

      1. bigbangnone

        +Bethan H Kids are being forced into shock therapy. But yea. Coming after these idiots who don't stop joking around until kids a stretch. I will admit that. Isn't it amazing how far some gay men will go to maintain their success...... Even taking a wife and having kids to remain in the closet...afraid to come-out :-) By the way....Shock games are not legal, because they can induce a heart attack... and there are kids with weak hearts.....Good try though.

      2. Bethan H

        omfg its not making fun, kids in the UK grow up with shock games, get real 😂

    33. Siyuan Wu

      When James was asked which role is Jack playing ... In my mind, I was yelling "GOTHI THE TROLL"

    34. Squats200

      Cant put my finger on why James is the most awkward amateur person on TV to watch. Even worse when he tries to be American.

    35. Abi Fogarty

      Jack Whitehall has had a glow up I swear

    36. John

      All these gameshows on talkshows, american television is cancer

    37. Mateusz Rak

      "we ve known with jack for over15 years", WE KNOW, you tell that every time he is on the show you little fatty sheeeeet

    38. Mo

      My good this girls has zero humour or fun side! She was so plain the whole time.

      1. Bethan H

        she laughs at like every one...

    39. Tabatha Bales

      My two favourites back together!! Love it!!!

    40. Nat Rangers1

      How can jack Whitehall be a comedian

    41. Sarah Gronow

      I loved James and Jack on A League of Their Own, especially when Jack did a photoshoot wit James' dad :)

    42. Jun Wang


    43. theSPUDereHD

      Jack is definitely gay

    44. Maniakas Kills

      OMG December 16 is my birthday🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

      1. Rachel Easton

        Maniakas Kills same

    45. Thomas Thas

      What was a 25 year old Corden doing with a 15 year old Jack at some random blokes house ?

    46. The Truth

      They are both so hilarious! 😂

    47. bert1029

      Those things they're holding in their laps look SO wrong 😂

    48. Elvira-Irina Reisinger

      I demand a full length game show with this quiz^^

    49. Charlotte McCluskey

      Charlotte is a forgettable name

    50. Gio

      guess I gotta go watch their episode on the big fat quiz again. they're fantastic together!

    51. Cynical Lawman

      1:21 - well that's Jack Whitehall up on charges

    52. John C


    53. Erdnussbuttertoast

      it totally threw me off that the woman between them didn't even bat an eyelash when Jack said "we made love" at the beginning.

    54. yer maw

      Just fuck off and make another gavin and Stacey

    55. J.P. Mahfouz

      Why don’t you offer him an espresso and stop acting like you’re even remotely amusing, James?

    56. Lauren Glass

      More Jack Whitehall always

    57. d b

      Only watching this because I want to see someone shock the hell out of James cordon

    58. Johanna Gunnarfeldt

      Please do this with Harry Styles 😅

    59. Georgie Georgie


    60. Sue Valerie Pham

      James looked like he was about to rip Jack's head out!😂😂😂

    61. BennyPootron

      I would cry if I was forced to play shock therapy. I'd rather get beat up in a hockey rink.

    62. Paul Bunyon

      I love her laugh! Lol. So cute.

    63. Timothy Lee

      What's funny about ECT?

    64. CharlesMeriot


    65. プリングルズ缶の中の猫

      About time America was blessed by our precious jack Whitehall

    66. Vero I


    67. Ginger Ninja

      America, be honest, do you really like James Corden? I mean REALLY.

    68. lacie ann

      his bday is on 22 august!! ik cos my bday is on 21 august

    69. Putra Shazwan Shah Nor Alam Shah

      Jack seems a bit off than usual in this one

    70. Kourtni Pullen

      I'm not mad at James, Jack's Mum is a beautiful, classy and intelligent lady.

    71. Cammy Xx

      We need James and Jack back on Big Fat Quiz 😭😭

      1. debbiedoodiedandi

        I just discovered those shows on IT-new and am now OBSESSED! They're hilarious! I wish they would broadcast them over here.

      2. Esther Lily


      3. Jun Wang

    72. Talkinglegodude Lego Animation

      “Wrong! Twenty!”

    73. Krystal Perree

      Jack is hilarious

    74. YT Atutahi

      1:20 *what is that laugh?* @thegirl

    75. Flash light

      I don’t like you your not funny

    76. Class tilton

      lol well he got my birthday right, nice one jack hahaha

    77. David Elligott

      December the 16th is my birthday

    78. Will Ramsay

      james’ dad failed no nut november

    79. Kurt Sudheim

      Tell me how does James know the answer to what is inside jack's mind?! But truly 1 of the longest gags on tv (it's putting barney & ted money's mom to shsme), I mean most guys who pulled that joke did so for a year or 2 when we were 14/15, these 2 have been doing it for a decade, at least on tv, who knows how much longer before.

    80. Lee Nolan

      Why has no one pointed out Zoe's laugh at 1:21 LOL

    81. VanillaJokes

      How is Jack so posh and common at the same time 😂

      1. Georgia xoxo

        He’s defo posh m8

      2. VanillaJokes

        +Arpita Kodagu Yeah that makes sense to be honest

      3. Arpita Kodagu

        +VanillaJokes It's an affectation and a theatrically exaggerated one at that. See the episode they did with Bear Grylls who is actually upper class for comparison - the pantomime quality of the act really comes through.

      4. VanillaJokes

        +Arpita Kodagu his dad makes me think otherwise though lol

      5. Arpita Kodagu

        That's his shtick - the funny part is that he's not really upper class.

    82. Dr. Royalty

      Wait, James was trying to get with jack's mum? Lmao.

    83. PT Sam

      That dress is so ugly

    84. Filipe ribeiro

      Brings Beyoncé and Rihanna to carpool karaoke PLEASE

    85. That one Guy named joe

      It’s your damn channel name you don’t need to put your name in the damn fucking title lmao

    86. Kasey Frost

      What are the odds that Jack guessed my birthday as James'?!?!

    87. chemxfan

      That was fun...Jack sees the device, and says "Where does this go?" with a look of #terror on his face. LOL!

    88. 3x Done

      we made love!!!

    89. Give Me Some Subs

      Should have been with a taser. That would have been interesting

      1. Jessica Fatimah


    90. Jesse Williams

      Why the fuck are you trying to make this spoiled twat popular in America?? Keep him, Britian! We have enough big headed, jack asses already.


      When her ass is 10 and she's 10💀

    92. KITT FOXXE

      Fat homo, fudge packer, weenie washer

    93. Uisce Preston

      Jack is quite possibly the prettiest man alive.

    94. Joel Maejor

      That girl is ugly and has an ugly dying mule laugh

      1. Medic-5 A.Goodson

        Joel Maejor fuck you. She is a great actress.

    95. Juliana Wong

      Ah! How this brings back memories of the Big Fat Quiz... Where James laughed at a joke about transgenders being an "aberration" and all...

    96. Cool Dude

      But have you watched me playing with a fidget spinner!!!

    97. knickandchester

      Very poor taste

    98. chloe x


    99. jennshar67

      I feel bad that people don't really know who Zoe Kazan is, she's only the queen of indie romcoms!