Real Madrid vs AS Roma 2-1 Highlights 2018



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    Real Madrid vs AS Roma 2-1 Highlights 2018
    By FootballMinds
    Real Madrid 2-1 AS Roma: The result of the match was put beyond all doubt after just a quarter of an hour as Gareth Bale’s clever finish past Olsen doubled the advantage given to Real by Asensio after just two minutes. From there, Real Madrid played to their European Cup-winning standard, dominating the flow of play and efficiently and effectively avoiding Roma’s press. Their use of occasional long-balls to bypass the midfield created variation and irregularity which Roma could not defend.
    This is one of the final matches of the series of friendlies and it will feature two squads that split their first two matches of the event.
    Real Madrid lost to Manchester United 2-1 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in its first match of the ICC, and then picked up a 3-1 victory over Juventus at FedExField.
    Roma also opened the ICC with a lost as it saw Tottenham run away with a 4-1 win in San Diego, but the Italian squad responded with a 4-2 victory over Barcelona at AT&T Stadium.
    Next up for Real Madrid is a European Super Cup Derby against Atletico Madrid next Wednesday in Tallinn. Roma will next be in action on the 19th of August, as they start their Serie A campaign away against Torino.

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    1. kaleb g/mechale


    2. The Fun Station

      Navas is very talented. As a Real Madrid fan, Everyone in the team are awesome. But if there was Cristiano Ronaldo, It'll be the best team.

    3. Straathyenas

      real 3 roma 0 barca 0 roma 3 whats the difference

    4. Cristiano Himel

      Very good

    5. Diyan Tommy

      Gooood bravo juve

    6. Tùng Bách Mộc

      Gareth Bale

    7. letizia di stasio

      federico ikilo è il piu forte

    8. Seno Widiyanto

      Hala madrid 👏👏👏👏👏

    9. Victor Destiny

      Imaging bale pass? Chaiiiii

    10. Jani Maansaari

      Benzema is so useless sh1t.

    11. dady keq

      daje kevin strootman. !!!!!!!!!!!

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    13. Christopher Amoretti

      Keylor is the best goalkeeper of the world.

    14. Iwanubadilah Ubadilah

      Asensio 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    15. Annan Reynolds

      wonderful goals!!!!!

    16. Adkeysi Studio

      as roma fiifa

    17. Γιώργος 7

      It seems that Real Madrid will have a really nice season even without Cristiano Ronaldo in the team...There are players near the value of Cristiano (Bale, Asensio). It's not problem the fact that Ronaldo left Madrid. Real Madrid is Real Madrid even without Cristiano.

    18. Zeca Ferreira

      Merci ronaldo

    19. Yasir sports


    20. R.W M.M


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    22. yhya Shafi

      No Ronaldo NO PROBLEM

    23. Wiktor Śmiłek

      hala madrid

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    25. Francisco Mireles

      Luka modric

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      1. Nastya Axmedjanovna


    30. Zico Armando

      Without cR ,Madrid can be fun..bale asensio are perfect,but i hope lewandoski or cavani change benzema..

    31. Leo Osnaya

      Bale is spectacular. I hope that he'll never get injured again.

    32. EL-BP Nation

      Bale will shock the world this season.

    33. Stahlz_XI

      Gareth snail is madrids last hope

    34. Luca Manea

      Hala madrid

    35. r010580

      Presi a pallonate😳

    36. Gacal Yare

      anyone can tell me What this commentators name ?????

    37. FCBB the gamer

      i saw this game in real life

    38. iTemo

      hopefully bale does not get injured during the season, it will suck

    39. daniele

      Asensio ce l'ha su con le italiane, segna sempre...

    40. Kim Nana

      We dont need him

    41. Kim Nana

      Who is cr a full

    42. Fahri Fahrisa

      LiverpooL is the best best fuLL

    43. najkys cz

      Bale and cristiano ronaldo are best

    44. Fahri Fahrisa

      By ARAB ARAbiAN & UEA forza juventus

    45. Hakeem The Venomous

      Navas Improved alot!

    46. hámóûđé đåâbôúľ

      I love you real madrid hala madrid

    47. Nig Ward

      Why is the commentator so boring

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      Don't worry hazard is coming