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    Pringles. They're the miraculously not greasy potato chips that come in a tube. They're also the original duck face. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Pringles! And lest we forget: once you pop the fun don't stop.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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      1. Crushnaut

        is this video sponsored?

      2. Kody Cooper

        Sunscribe to PewDiePie

      3. Hoody K

        +Wendy Dunn your have to watch brads pickle episode

    2. Mythik Beast

      I thought pringles were made with corn-starch instead of potato-starch?

    3. Rebecca C

      Only watch for Claaiirrreeee!!!

    4. kitty paws

      gourmet coke-cola

    5. Nakeyda Thielen

      You guys need someone to organize those cupboards geeez lol 😂

    6. Bret Reed

      When has "pizza flavor" anything been good?

    7. Cherianne Bowen

      Gourmet Samoa girl scout cookies!

    8. Piper Ro

      do a goldfish episode!

    9. VegeBoi69

      Y do they get so many Pringle’s

    10. naffi80011

      You should try to make gourmet cosmic brownies next!!

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    12. Just Bilth

      hey everyone! It would absolutely amazing if you guys checked out our video featuring the WORLD RECORD EGG!!! Kinda.. Anyway we’re starting off small and need the support ❤️

    13. Random Kid

      Pringles are great

    14. Golden Plays


    15. Sun Block

      Really? EVIAN water spray?

    16. Pixelarter

      Next: how to make gourmet Coke to wash down all those gourmet snacks.

    17. Loud Gas

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    18. Thixx

      Oh yeah yeah

    19. Ren Elyn


    20. Mahle

      Please make gourmet hot cheetos

    21. Kourtney Brauer

      I’m not a chef, but am pretty sure there is fiberglass in Silpat mats. Probably not the best to cut them in half. Try to find mats either without fiberglass to cut or find mini Silpats that can fit in your pasta machine.

    22. Comment King


    23. Katerine Muñoz

      You are my hero!

    24. Dr. Lytle

      ... oh yeah yeah

    25. Evo Manny

    26. Comment King

      Why does she know so much about a pringle

    27. sudzalicious

      I absolutely love her hair. Seriously love the gray streak

    28. Alex Johnson


    29. Mareko Tuitele

      Anybody else just wanna dye her hair?

    30. Meep The Llama

      I love how Claire’s videos get like 10x more views than the rest of the videos on this channel

    31. Comment King

      That is hillarious

    32. AJ Quevs

      Pringles are better when they’re not yours.

    33. Mythik Beast

      You should try making pop-tarts

    34. Shmocodo

      It was 3 on trending and I refresh and it’s 2nd?? You guys are out here doing the most

    35. Gabriela Cauton

      Do butterfinger!!

    36. Sophia Holmes


    37. lily harper

      you should try triscuits

    38. Count_Basie RBLX

      That sweet sweet scentence: "Hey everyone I'm Claire and today we are in the BA Test Kitchen!"

    39. Oh yeah yeah

      Oh yeah yeah

    40. Hallie Elizabeth

      gourmet funyuns!

    41. Matthew Kocurek

      Do Nerds candy!

    42. Jorge Marquez


    43. mossby23

      Claire _should_ get her own show!

    44. MrNubilicious

      Can you make Milanos next?

    45. Angel A Cuebas Mercado

      Make RITZ!!!! I know you could make them so much better!

    46. all about aesthetics

      HEY WAIT RIGHT THERE!1!1!!1 I’m trying to get to 100 subs for competition thing sub to me and ill sub back reply done and ill reply back to you😂🙄🧒😌🧒💖😢😃🧒🥰😌💕😃

    47. Commander XxxRasmatxxX

      All hail the era of commander Rasmat

    48. Mrbink01

      Next up...Twix Ice Cream Bar

    49. Grace LaCrosse

      Some ideas: •pop tarts •bugles •pizza rolls •combos •goldfish

    50. _Unicornicorn

      Watching her trying to cut through the mesh gave me so much anxiety

    51. Gunner 249

      My dad used to send beer to me when I was deployed to Iraq. Basically had to drink them in secret so my buddies wouldn't steal them.

    52. carlos ventura

      It’s so funny while she talks she eating the pringles next thing you now she’s done with all the cans

    53. Bob Shrayawneb

      *WE. WILL. TAKE. OVER. IT-new*

      1. MemeyMcMeme

        Oh No No

    54. Haonan Zhang

      Instead of putting the chip in water to hydrate it, pulls out a bottle of Evian spray.

    55. Dan Powers

      Pringles are the particle board of the chip world. Once it gets wet, falls right apart.

    56. Zac Hatfield

      2019 off to a great start

    57. CoolGamer USA

      Who was eating Pringle’s while watching (or wanted to)

    58. Michelle Ramirez

      Stax are better 🤭 still bomb

    59. Beni G

      I lllloooooovvvvvveeeee sour cream and onion

    60. Nayely Arreola

      Ritz crackers

    61. Makeup Love

      Claaaaaiiirrrreeeeee ❤️ I live for her videos

    62. Will Ellis

      1:42 Narrator: Break into a Ki- Claire: *PRINGLE*

    63. Dictatorboy

      I'm waiting for a gourmet Taki

    64. TheFoxesMind

      I'm watching this while eating cheddar and sour cream Pringles! XD

    65. MissionBurrito 5

      Oh yeah yeah

    66. Yolk Those Nuts

      hyperbolic time chamber

    67. Charms

      ugh now i'm craving Pringles. Pizza and Sour Cream & Onion were my go to

    68. Antatchi

      ever put orange juice in a deep fryer

    69. Hannah McCreary

      WHERE can i get a spray can of evian?

    70. Edgar

      I'll pay $1.50 for the gourmet pringles!!!!

    71. Poop Star

      why does she act like she never ate it in the beginning.

    72. Juan Jose Estacuy Natareno

      1:53 what the f do they do with all those Pringles afterwards tho?

    73. Livi Hales

      the evian though

    74. Skylar Mann

      Claire has done it again!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😊

    75. Leslie Tehuitzil

      I’m sorry to admit but I think most of us are on the same page here but I’m only subscribed to watch Claire and all her gourmet recipes cuz they’re so funny 😂

    76. plasticgore

      When she was opening and then eating the Pringle’s it made me think of the KitKat commercials

    77. Kira Theng

      WHERE IS BRAD???

    78. Saul Simon Tan

      I will not be surprised if BA puts this show on Kickstarter, just to refund the cost of all the "repurposed" equipment.

    79. abhx214

      Claire, you're easily my top 3 favorite people on this platform.

    80. janani torres

      Yaaaassss claireeee finallyyyy!!!!!

    81. Alejandro Cea


    82. 이것저것아무거나

      this is like a moms food XD

    83. Bill Nye

      Finally, I've been waiting soo long

    84. PicturePerfectMemori

      I LITERALLY JUST CAME ON LAST NIGHT LOOKING FOR A NEW CLAIRE VIDEO! I was so sad there wasn't one! lol This totally just made my day!

    85. ll I17I17I ll

      Yyyeeeeeesss oohhhhh yeahhhhhh yeaaahhhhh

    86. LadyHavok70

      Omg my fave flavor is pizza.🍕 Have you thought of making gourmet Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? I LOVE them!

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    88. 500 subs with no Videos?

      Man, I really need to know what a Pringle is because I have definitely not ever had a Pringle

    89. ll I17I17I ll

      Ohhhhhhhh, yeaahh yeahhh

    90. Daniel Rosenberg ('16)

      Why isnt this on the food channel

    91. Bright Side

      Pringles CEO- Can't we stop her!??!!!! She's on to us!!

    92. bur bur

      She's got a PhD in pringleing now

    93. 이것저것아무거나

      how to make?? lol

    94. Claire Zhu

      Can you please do either ferrero rocher or like cliff builder protein bars

    95. CisforCrystal

      Claire ❤

    96. 물건

      Everyone in the Test Kitchen is precious. Thank you Claire for putting up with these daunting tasks for us!! You always knock it out of the park.

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    98. Queso Helado

      You should try poptarts.

    99. Emma Lindsey

      Could you make pop rocks?

    100. SplashCityKing