Parent Teacher Conference | Lele Pons

Lele Pons

Lele Pons

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    Pubblicato il 4 mesi fa


    1. Sera C

      dislikes are the people with kids like these

    2. MiaCyaSide

      Parents are just like their children

    3. Ender  Guerrero Galbán

      2 0 1 9 ?

    4. Lil Triple redd

      Lil triple redd

    5. Lil Triple redd

      Lil triple redd

    6. Stan Loona xx

      Chad and by was in that classroom Chad was in the class by himself and Chad and by had to play hang man game the hacker was talking

    7. nancy vann

      bad kids you got

    8. Christopher Barbosa


    9. Yaretzl Meza-garcia

      0:35 the girl next to *vivian* was there and the then when Vivian went around to get high fives the girl that was next to her was in another seat thumbs this up if u noticied

    10. Kiara Flores

      POOR LELE PONS😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    11. Dina in wonderland

      This is the same classroom that chad and vy were trapped

    12. Sharon Jessica to wiket

      This is chad and vy visited

    13. Sharon Jessica to wiket

      Wait what

    14. Planet Now

      OMG your dress is so preatty

    15. jazzy love

      Miguel has a nice vocabulary. I just love it

    16. Gabby12

      Im miguel in my class I just prank people

    17. Zachariah Kelley

      what that girl real name on 2:19 in the black shirt

    18. Adriana Banuelos

      If I was the teacher I would kill them one by one

    19. Gamingplayz Fordaday

      In the video the smart girl went up front of the class that what I am learning

    20. Lovely Grace

      That is were chad and vy go to

    21. Gacha Kitty

      I wish lele was my teacher

    22. Deadpool squad time

      That's the same class room chadwildclay and vy quaint where trapped in from the hacker

    23. Tharaa Tharaa

      Guys the class is for pz group

    24. Tharaa Tharaa

      The girls are kinda make me remember my childhood

    25. Hessa AlSadoun

      WE NEED A PART 2. Like if you agree

    26. Method Myk

      12 mil subs only 100k-200k like per video xD VIEWBOOT!!!!

    27. junior rebel

      Isn't this the classroom which chad wild clay and vy qwuaint got trapped in

    28. Khánh An Trần

      I low key want to slap them

    29. Sami Parky

      Today was my teacher conference

    30. Edith Ferrer

      I think your the hacker because Chad wild Clay and vy qwaint where in that exact room

    31. Ryan Ferreira

      I loved your videos

    32. Sparkle girls

      Polka’d last by j ! Lhvkvllhj

    33. Trookr ترووكي

      2:19 shock Is she .... what I think she is?

    34. Riverdale Fan

      “Cherry with a k” WTF!!!🤣

    35. Wolf Heart

      XD I whould love it if you where my teacher 👩‍🏫

    36. Kahlan Wagner

      That was so awesome

    37. Ijustfartedtv

      Mah names Vivian I LOvE YOuUuUuu

    38. Amena Begum Choudhury

      The wrist parents in the world they are just like they kids they have issue

    39. Xay Lee

      That is a hakers room

    40. Gabi gonzalez

      Ms. AppleBUTT

    41. dogsvlogs

      4:20 lol I’m dead 😂 GOT YA

    42. Eva Riley

      Seriously the fight about the boy is literally my whole class

    43. Mlp DV Studios

      Omg I love Lele!!! The kids are so REAL

      1. flower _Girl2010

        Mlp DV Studios THE KIDS ARE REAL

    44. Yisrael Peters

      I love this video. 😘😍😍😐

    45. Sunlight._.verse


    46. Heartfan jj

      John Adams from hamilton


      I want you to be my teach lele

    48. Jennifer Rohrback

      Did anybody realize that this looks like Chad wild clay was an abandoned hospital that the hacker put them in and this looks like the classroom

    49. Kaleigh Bennett

      I would gladly slap the kids and parents tbh, with that kind of behavior.🤭😫😂🤪

    50. Isabella Boyd

      Hola hammy