Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams

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    Barbie Dreams (Official Video)
    Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here:
    Connect with Nicki:
    Video Director: Hype Williams
    Video Producers: Hype Williams & Keith Brown
    Video Editor: Eric Hughes
    for HW Worldwide
    Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Barbie Dreams. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records

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    1. Cuneyt say

      Gene bir efsane klip olmuş

    2. gta v elite master

      Niki my qeennnn niki is butifull but cardi b just cardi is noooo she look like a dj khaled wannabe like gurl wtf cardi anyways Niki will always be my qeen

    3. Fernando ASMR


    4. Z3RØ

      Everyone who said Cardi is better than Nicki or Nicki is trash, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Shut the fuck up, thank you.

    5. Anthony Charles

      Nicki u are fucking dope no filters what so ever when u spit. I wanna hear u on a tech n9ne track! I know that will be a strange hit that evryone would love to hear.

    6. Krazy Carli

      Check out my HOTTEST NEW SONG IN MY CITY

    7. Erika Ortiz Chavez

      The baby blue short bob fits her the best 😁

    8. joseph robinson

      I'm still waiting on real music to come back

    9. alonso rivero

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    10. Thug Life

      I would fuck her whenever

    11. deni x

      Her makeup slayed six years ago. And it still does.



    13. Fresh Fresh

      Need to get white dick up in you

    14. vipmeqwerty

      This song make me wanna steal from my own wallet

    15. El Anon

      I really don't know how could I have liked Cardi better Nicki is THE Queen without a doubt

    16. Kentrez Young

      On my mother she went straight in 💯💯💯

    17. Sagiv Rata

      Classic sh*t. 🔥😍🦄 #Queen 👑

    18. Luciana Santos Santos

      Te amo NICKI MINAJ

    19. Luciana Santos Santos

      Te amo Nick minaj

    20. CAREER

      Wait lolll!! No hate The legend hype Williams did this vid puppets??? This shit lite come on hype???? Nicki Tripp ' vid lite..

    21. prokells

    22. Divine Bale

      Why does this only have 32mill views

    23. иван росляков

      wow I fell in love with this beauty

    24. Richard Mbuvi

      Baby,you were born to thrill the world,your hits! are meant for generations.I salute your perfection,owe some you stand tall!.

    25. Lolet G

      MY favorite musique is Super Bass

    26. Magnum Handout

      The end literally ruins the song

    27. Independent Thinker

      Music for retards

    28. Puadsafuad Puadsafuad

      Bad guy lyric y'all... hahaha❤❤❤❤

    29. Kayla 04

      All you people got me dead the only reason I'm here is because I wanted to see the dumb shit she did this time and it's as dumb as I thought it would be 😂😂😂😂

    30. Diogo Oriagee


    31. Mayela World

      I'm in love with Nikkis hair! Arrogant tae is that man 🔥

    32. Jason Walters

      Wondering if she can wipe her ass clean ever with that big plastic ass lol

    33. Jensen Sovacki

      People actually drool over her body😂 i dont see it

    34. BiPolar _Gaming

      Cardi Who? Ahhha 😂

    35. 귀차니즘

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    36. DaKtAs TY

      😥If you read this I’d really appreciate it if your going through any depression or know anyone who is I made a music video and it’s because of my two friends they were trying to kill themselves and I couldn’t express any emotions like I used to so I used my voice to express how I felt through a beat I’m not a rapper I just hope you can understand. ❤️ ✌️

    37. Vito Dimo

      There is more plastic in the video than in the Indian Ocean.

    38. КриРо

      5 минут дрочки

    39. Kay Jewel

      If he can’t fuck three times a night ✌️

    40. lily does stuff

      Yo who disliked this Y'all this got me *SHOOK*

    41. Tone Deaf

      Why do her videos always have so much dislikes?

    42. Cindy Sech

      What happened to her lips

    43. Steven Ruch

    44. Meriem Zidane

      70% about her pussy 20% harsh words about famous people 5% Barbie 5% Dreams

    45. Albert Johnston

      This song with the puppets remembers me about Eminem - shake that ass

    46. Erika Cassano

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    47. Swiftie Boy


    48. Affan Tanveer

      Dat rap😍😍

    49. marina lima

      Essa mulher arrasa 😍

    50. ItsPOW 42

      Only thing that girl rappers are tallking about is sex