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MARINA - Handmade Heaven [Official Video]



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    Director - Sophie Muller
    Production Company - PRETTYBIRD
    Co-Founder UK / Exec Producer - Juliette Larthe
    Head of Production / EP - Hannah May
    Producer- Sophie Brooks
    Local Production Services - NAFTA Films
    Line Producer - Helen Lõhmus
    Production Assistant - Sissel-Maria Mägi
    Location Manager - Kenn Rull
    Assistant Location Manager - Krisjan Daniel Esko
    DOP - Evgeny Bystrov
    1st AC / Focus Puller - Kaarel Tiidus
    DIT - Sanna Rink
    Gaffer - Indrek Raag
    Stylist: Elle Fell
    Hair - Ben Moth
    Makeup - Adam de Cruz

    Special thanks to the following filmmakers for the use of their timelapse flower footage -David de los Santos Gil; and from “Spring” c/o Jamie Scott
    Commissioner: Dan Curwin

    Pubblicato il 10 giorni fa


    1. Marina Del Lady Lana Gaga Rey

      And now watch the "17" music video 😁😄 Love her so much ❤

    2. They call me Saz

      Amazing song 😻😻

    3. Bryndon Díaz


    4. bruklin bejbi


    5. The Optimist

      It is like the trip of little red riding hood

    6. Trampek


    7. Yuno See u


    8. Love and Lofi

      New era: the heaven era

    9. Loona Lyra

      😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Who missed her too?

    10. Fãs De Fnaf


    11. Eduardo Conde Nuñez

      What's wrong with the people? Why this piece of art doesn't have more attention and all this other shitty music is been #1 for 3 weeks!! Smh

    12. magdalena crosley

      El vídeo tiene que seguir subiendo de vistas y quedar al menos quinta canción más vista de marina por ejemplo que suba al menos 25 millones de vistas y se quedará atrás de oh no

    13. magdalena crosley

      La próxima canción que merece ser single es orange trees sigo esperando un vídeo de orange trees

    14. Ellie Watson

      Anyone else here from Lana’s instagram?🙋‍♀️

    15. nikki coco gray

      This is so amazing! Now she’s reinvented herself, I can’t wait for what else marina will bring us x

    16. Afsana Akhtar

      I love this song. I’m glad marina is back ❤️

    17. Dan nnn

      amazing song!!! been on repeat for the past week :)

    18. warae sh


    19. Tarot Colombia

      Better than Ariana

    20. djflopy

      1,4 M views and 1,4 M subscribers... I am a subscriber. I already watched it 10 at least. So there should be 14 M views now

    21. DJ GriF8

      great tune

    22. magdalena crosley

      El álbum se titulaba love + fear y mi sueño se hizo realidad se incluyeron todas las canciones que yo pedía pero marina ha lanzado otra versión más para baby sin luis fonsi y estará disponible para el 26 de abril pero no puedo esperar 2 meses

    23. ai credo


    24. miss mrtnz

      Where are the diamonds?

      1. The Fireline

        around my neck🤙

    25. Jessica Enriquez

      I had no idea she wasn’t with the diamonds anymore. But I loved her music for her anyways. ❤️❤️❤️

    26. Inpy

      She looks like a GoT character, btw LOVYU MARINA, awesome song

    27. Steve Bond

      I love love love this!! 👏🏼❤️🎼👸🏻💎💎🥇

    28. Educação Social

      i luv it

    29. Cleber Fleith

      It brings me peace

    30. Jennifer M_ Rangel

      eu te AMO MULHER

    31. Мила Рудик

      OUR QUEEN IS BACK (*o*)

    32. Pedro Fernandes

      Michael Jackson tá vivo poha

    33. noah roy

      I made a cover of this song if you’re reading this and want to check it out ❤️ thank u Marina ily ❤️

    34. Guy Keown

      Love it!

    35. Samet Simsek

      I want oranges tree and Superstar now 😭😘😩

    36. stevenARTify

      I'm glad that she's finally finding her style more.

    37. BlueBlack 97

      There are no diamonds because Lana turned them into snow 💎💫❄

    38. Thalles Roses

      is just me or she looks like Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black?

    39. irl trees music

      i’m not crying y’all are

    40. Phùng Đức Quang

      Sh*t im late

    41. yoongis used condom

      I LOVE YOU

    42. Dexter Lime

      The flowers blooming. 😍

    43. S. Wellington

      Reminds me of Kumiko, the treasure hunter.

    44. Lavenders Nightcore

      In a place call handmade heaven, there are a Angel called Marina singing with her sweet voice

    45. Wrz2e

      OMG the red 'Handmaid' coat like from Handmaids Tale. Beautiful symbol. ❤

    46. Iain Campbell


    47. Kylie Vu

      Take lsd and watch this. Ur welcome

    48. Syafira Putri Aulia

      I feel goosebumps!! Thx Marinaa

    49. Reggie K.

      Marinão did it again

    50. Jeferson Sam

      Pretty pale girl ♥u

    51. bruno feitozza

      She's back, come to Brazil!

    52. Tyler Durden III

      It's Catherine Zeta!

    53. Flumpy6spoty


    54. aslam aslu

      Marina is launched... To write new history.... 😍

    55. Beez R Cool

      marina: *drops new song* the gays: ariana grande who?

    56. Jorge Gómez Todoh

      Flowers + Marina = Perfection. ❤🌸😍

    57. Laura Stevenson

      I’m so glad she’s released a new album, I love her voice so much

    58. Ilumia

    59. Kat Pit

      красивый песня и клип! а лес то России, даже березки промелькнули, наша природа, русская))

      1. Михаил Ульянов

        Это в Эстонии снимали. Эстония не Россия, пока ещё не Россия.

    60. 5170411038 widiya sulastri

      Sdsldjskdj this looks like a $5 budget video

    61. LoftyOasis

      Beautiful 💜💙😍 Love you Marina!

    62. The lucky One321

      Finally, her first solo in a long time

    63. Radio Raven

      Why the name change?

    64. Stephanie Fernández

      Love it !!!

    65. Lanumongla Longchar

      Anything red I'm in ❤️

    66. Andrealphus

      so... what type of witch is marina?

    67. Alonza O'Marah

      Can Marina and Lana please collab together! That would be art

      1. Tori Vega

        Ugh I know right

    68. Lucia Mansilla


    69. nutella de alface

      just "marina"? oh my God, it's a new age? where is the "and the diamond"?

    70. Sophia Aragon

      SHE IS BACK!

    71. stream days gone by

      the queen has risen once again

    72. PuckettDan

      10 million views until the album drop!

    73. Que tiro foi esse

      Poxa...nenhum defeito ❤

    74. Yuri Silva

      Marina fada sem erros sz sz cade os BR???

    75. Maria Laura Fortunato

      You go girl!!!!!❤️

    76. Aquarius Crystalwave

      Welcome back ❤️

    77. Kokym8

      this song is really a handmade heaven.

    78. The Golden Survivor

      what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

    79. Angie D.R.

      This is beautiful, I loved it!

    80. High Elven Wisdom And Love

      This is my type of song. Stunning nature visuals. 🌸🍃 ✨

    81. jared henderson

      Fucking perfect song. I love you

    82. Sturla Jónsson

      Anyone here from clean bandit?

    83. Anonymous Singer


    84. Tomasz S

      M Są rina po polsku) Dziewczyno przecież twoja muzyka jest tak piękna jak TyMARINO

    85. 911visioneye

      i love u pls have a tour.....come to LA

    86. Crunch Attack!

      Holy fuck this is intense. Shes a goddess. One of the countless women im in love with. Hope your well sweet chomps x

    87. Taika Kyriak

      Our mum is back!!!

    88. Diego Rivera

      I love Marina 🤩🤩😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    89. Sarah Christina Harper

      Beautiful visuals, beautiful song. She's back! 💚

    90. Haley Jones

      i'm sorry but she's wearing a red hood and saying what could easily also be "handmaid heaven" and now i cannot unseen or unhear this

    91. Willy Redfield

      Ahhhhhhhh ❤❤👏👏👏👏👏💜💜💜

    92. Łukasz Nowakowski


    93. Kaii Bizzle

      I love u 💜

    94. Reese Fox

      Umfffff yes more Queen!!

    95. Hayden Murphy-Estus

      Come to Denver for your tour if you can! We’d love to see you again at the Gothic or Summit. Love you!!

      1. joe a

        yes omg I hope she announces more dates. I'd love to see her at Gothic, that'd be so dope

    96. ximena cisneros


    97. mattajack1

      When I question all what is wrong with the current state of throwaway music, Marina comes back into my life and I shut the fuck up. Can’t wait for the album x