Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

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    Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Mariners Apartment Complex. © 2018 Interscope Records

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    1. Rey A

      ❤ I love the chilled music vibe in this track. On repeat now !

    2. Valeria Munoz Labarca

      Me muero 😍😍😍

    3. Nikola Wisniewska

      Love you Lana!!❤😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

    4. A D A L I A


    5. Bekah Anne

      Lana you never disappoint 💯😍

    6. Morgan Brown

      This song is like a big, warm, hug and I really needed that ❤️

    7. Yevany Berry

      I found lana del rey back in 2012 when I moved to Washington state and it would rain so much . I would listen to her music endlessly on cloudy rainy days and I would cry of happiness but saddens for the sun never shined . Her music gave me life and kept me going

    8. Mattie White

      I love both of the new singles but this is better than Venice bitch

    9. Iván Rodríguez

      universal acclaim

    10. Natalia putri widati handayani


    11. Jorge Leon Llanes

      Fuck !

    12. S P I R I T M O U T H

      I dont know why but everytime listen to this i feel so relaxed, i feel about as light as a feather its just that soothing and beautiful.🌹

    13. basically sadaf

      I cried the first time I listened to this

    14. XxxMetalheadHippiexxX

      Lana del rey is not grunge. Nirvana is grunge. Pearl Jam is grunge. Soundgarden is Grunge. Lana is pop

      1. XxxMetalheadHippiexxX

        don,t question me

    15. Gαвσ Rαtti

      Lana jamas me decepciona con sus canciones, la amo

    16. Alyssa Kashin

      I feel like she’s severely lost her edge and spark since the Born to Die days, and I honestly miss it. Nevertheless, still a beautiful song.

    17. Mills J


    18. Felipe Brockveld

      sincerely can't wait the silence contract ahaahahaa thanks Stefani and Joe!

    19. ritinhaa maria

      Nunca sei explicar a sensação que eu sinto escutando as músicas da Lana, só sei que é Maravilhosa.

    20. ritinhaa maria


    21. Littleboybigcity

      Weave snatched flew to Asia

    22. TiMonik

      Why i should change my country to usa, why i cant watching it in Russia? There are millions of your fans in Russia. And its so SAD, that my love isnt mutual. Millions of people cry in the Russia and become born to die.

    23. Caitlin Hildebrand

      *sings your Venice bitch in this song* *releases Venice Bitch the song* 😮

    24. Sivet Rey

      Another piece of art by the QUEEN! ❤❤❤

    25. lilhain

      this will probably get lost in the comments but hi i did a cover of this song because lana is an angel. that is all, have a wonderful day

    26. simply scaarlet


    27. Nat Bas

      The queen is back

    28. Rita Yadira Lorenzo

      My god I lost count on how many times I've replayed this song! Lana you're my spirit animal! everytime I think you've outdone yourself and here you are again singing to my soul

    29. Jesse Zambrano


    30. Blanche Fernández

      I fucking love you!!!!!!!!!!! I love your music ❤️❤️❤️

    31. whatta banger

      Heart: exploded Soul: gone Wig: snatched Further conclusion, this song is beautiful and Lana del Ray is a fucking goddess

    32. The Dark Pearl

      Just got the most sweetest and melodious song on IT-new. It just felt like I had a glimpse of heaven with my eyes closed.😍😍 Do more songs like this one Lana. 👼👼

    33. Adrian G

      After listening Venice Bitch and this song I'll definitely buy this album. I mean, the actually box with CD.

    34. Elizabeth Scarlette

      "people can change, you don't have to leave her" this hit home

    35. Claire Frey

      Oh my god oh my god I love this style holy shit I’m sorry I’m bout to use the most overused term but my WIG IS SNATCHED AND ITS ORBITING THE PLANET AS WE SPEAK

    36. Isabelle Mayor Neves

      lana del rey eu te amo

    37. DarK YouTuber Dioz del NETFREE

      Nice video kool

    38. Kevin Chavez

      Omfg 😭😍😍💞💞❤️🌟✨

    39. Taís Cruz

      Eu não consigo parar de ouvir, me traz uma paz imensa!

    40. Taís Cruz


    41. Wings of Ashes

      Anyone else getting girl on girl love vibes from lyrics?

    42. L Olly

      This women is power

    43. Lipe M

      PERFECT WOMAN!!!!!!

    44. Vlanto Junior

      1:53 The clone of Μelanie Β.

    45. Dana Kenney

      This feels like a reflection. It's Ultraviolence with the new perspective from Lust for Life. It sounds so much more familiar than the singles she released for her last two albums, but it still has a lightness and optimism that's decidedly newfound. I'm so fucking excited for this album.

    46. Lynn Foster

      😢😢😭😭omgggggg Lana why u make me emotional


      Lana del rey the best of the best

    48. Victória Almeida