1. vsh510

    Great song I went to his show last year when he was out in San Jose,Ca

  2. Matt Donaldson

    Amazing song and video.. my dads a cop and uncle is a fireman. Really like this

  3. Zachary DuBose

    I have so much respect for you to do a song like this so much respect

  4. SP Outdoors

    Justin do you remember Scotty he said yall knew each other

  5. Suzaki Dodge

    A lot of audio from the video in the music 😕

  6. Code 7

    Lcpl James R. Dave port KIA 11/22/06 USMC Lcpl Jeromy D. West KIA 11/25/06 USMC Lcpl Matthew D. Clark KIA 12/14/06 USMC GySgT Terry J. Elliot KIA 02/01/07 USMC HN Mathew “Doc” Conte KIA 02/01/06 USN Lcpl Anthony Aguirre KIA 02/26/07 USMC These Marines were my brothers and only a few the total lost for 2nd BN 3rd Marines (Infantry) in Haditha Iraq from September 06 to March 07. 2/3 HARD CORE! Thank you Justin for this song. As a 3 time combat veteran and current police officer I can’t thank you enough. Mad respect.

  7. DerekPilot29

    What an amazing video and song

  8. m g

    Homenagem linda para todos aqueles que lutam para proteger e salvar vidas.

  9. Kaeden McKay

    God bless the firefighters, military, police, teachers, and doctors for saving our lives everyday 🇺🇸

  10. Dwayne Trippett

    As a us army veteran this video hit home I lost my best friend while on deployment when I saw this video I couldn’t help but tear up

  11. Cameron Harvell

    Thank you to the men and women that are serving over seas and the ones that have served and god bless . I hope the ones that are serving make it back to their loveones .

  12. Andrew Ebert

    Thank you Justin. From a veteran, former volunteer firefighter, current CERT member, and current bail enforcement specialist

  13. Nick Edwards

    To the ones who held it down oversea,and the ones that held it down here,some of my Brothers,RIP to all,I've never been more proud to stand beside y'all,pullin a line and putting the knock on a fire.God Bless you all and your families of the ones that didn't make it back home.

  14. Addi Russell

    My brother comes home on Tuesday 🙂

  15. Preston Melkerson

    My god this makes me proud to be an american

  16. Diane Hayse

    Thanks to ALL who served in any compassity. Love you. Appreciate you ALL!!!

  17. Slythern Son

    My father and grandfather devil dogs for life. Until States Marine Corps.

  18. CJ

    I honestly hate country music but man this isn’t country music.. this is a one way trip to your feelings. As my entire family has been in the military it hits home. I plan on enlisting into the Marines at the end of my Junior year (A little over a year away) and at least I know there will be some people who respect what me and many others will be doing. Not only that but at least I know I’ll be respected and remembered if I don’t make it back home. I think I’m starting to get into country music now because of it heart ❤️

  19. Shelbee Coulter

    Chills amazing song because my cousin is in the army and I haven’t seen him in forever thank you for this song ❤️❤️

  20. Nicollette Biviano vlogs

    Damn this one hits home hard

  21. vshlev

    YEE YEE 🤠

  22. Fisher Kid


  23. Chris Z

    Amazing. Well done

  24. David Salter

    Thank you

  25. Chandler Proffitt

    Thank you Justin Moore for making this song to show what we first responders and military go through.

  26. Conor Quigley

    Respect from Ireland 🇮🇪🇺🇸

  27. Joshua Walker

    Damn good song man had me fighting back tears at work.

  28. collinsridge34222

    New level of respect for Justin Moore. Thank you.

  29. Mister JC

    My friend gave all. Gavin.. 2012-2015..

  30. the_southern_ outdoorsman

    This is an amazing song and a great video, and I wanna know who the 141 people are who disliked the video

  31. Cole Burdine

    Favorite artist great job Justin keep doing what you do your great!

  32. Power Willy’s

    Awesome song! I LOVE it! But as a career firefighter it bothers me to see firemen in bars drinking in uniform! So inappropriate! We supposed to set an example, not get hammered at a bar in uniform. Imagine if there was a life that you couldn’t save and you went to the bar to get drunk in uniform and the loved ones wife/husband seen you drunk wearing the same thing that she saw you wear while a family member died. Doesn’t look too good! Please don’t be that person. 1 person can make our whole profession look bad. We supposed to be the good guys! The fire service loves you Justin! Keep on with being an awesome person! The world looks to you to be their moral compass! I’ve been to at least 5 of your show and I’ve loved every second of them!

  33. Ron Freeman

    I absolutely LOVE this video.. AMAZING job as always

  34. Tara Moreau

    Amazing & meaningful. Daughter of retired police officer.

  35. Joshua Lynn

    This song hits way to close to home

  36. Seth Deppen

    God I miss my best buddies! :( REST IN PEACE, we'll take it from here.

  37. Seth Deppen

    I cry every time I listen to this song, god I miss my buddy's. I love this song!

  38. Evil Mofo

    Shitty fake country

  39. Lizzards Production

    great song 🥺 wanting to go into the navy but one of my biggest fears is having a beautiful wife and kids and not being able to come home to them later cuz i didn’t make it ! 😕💜

  40. gigi e.

    This is the worst shit I've ever seen in my life thank you.

  41. James Aleridge

    Wow what a tear jerker

  42. Cowboy

    Thank all active duty and veterans and first responders for their service I have had the opportunity to spend time with so many but so few of you I salute you and your families for everything you’ve done and the sacrifices you have had to make. Thank you

  43. Gabriel Brotnov

    This reminds me why I joined the army as a medic just have to finish training

  44. Gray Gang

    To all the people who hat disliked this🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕


    I’m 13 and I teared up

  46. Edward Flores Jr.

    Too bad they are fighting and dying for wall street, bankers, and the military industrial complex.

  47. Neal Bundy

    In memory of the Charleston, South Carolina fire department nine, who answered their final call on 18 June 2007. R. I. P. My brothers, your watch is over

  48. Low Key Macias

    This is art. I listen to everything and I dont underatand people who can't appreciate country music.

  49. Marcus Calzada

    Love it. Thanks to all who risk their lives to protect/keep us safe.

  50. MultiMonster69

    Ooh how about instead of a bunch of theatrical bullshit portraying first responders and military they actually attended an LODD or Service Member’s funeral?

  51. Jen See

    Justin if ur looking at dis comment i hope u understand that people just dont get what army,swat,and more are doin for us we wouldn't be alive if it was for them THX SO MUCH SOLDIERS FOR UR HELP AND LOVE IF IT WASN'T FOR U GUYS THE Russians WILL ALREADY BE INVATED ARE COUNTY GOD BLESS ALL U PEOPLE WHO LOST UR FAMILY OR FRIENDS🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  52. Jen See

    Its so mest up cuz alot of people dont appreciate the things people do for them,if are heroes wernt here we all would be dead right now i cant bilive how many people dont like police,fire fighters,EMS,NAVY,ARMY,swat,armed forces,and more its just wow

  53. Jen See

    😭😭😭😭😭😭im so srry for ur lost its to emotional

  54. Gavin Montgomery

    The one thing that all black rappers don’t give a fuck about just like black football players they don’t give a damn about the ones that put their lives on the line bust their ass day in and day out for our freedom

  55. Alex Barnes

    As prior military and currently a firefighter this hits home I have a lost several buddies have a lot of respect for this man he is one of the only new country artists that still try’s to sing good country music

  56. Andrew Gavin

    the fact 100 people disliked this disgusts me

  57. GingerNinja1755

    Can’t wait till I’m old enough to serve 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  58. Kris Boge

    thank you to all military and first responders🇺🇸

  59. Jd fan 8345

    Not even gonna lie almost cried this is so touching

  60. Hayden Rudd

    One of my best friends her brother it surviving right now

  61. Gabriel Phillips

    Imma Crack a Cold one for Y'all

  62. Alex Murray

    Truly beautiful video

  63. Alessia Crecco

    Riposa in pace, Cpl.Marano 🇮🇹 185° Reggimento di fanteria

  64. Jacob Gordon

    To the fire fighter who run into fires while we run away, To the police who deal with our bullshit and keep us safe even when we are a headache, To the paramedics who save lives even though they sometimes get attacked, To the soldiers abroad with families back home, To the soldiers back on their own soil. We thank you. To the men and women in the services who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, You will be remembered. Whether you lie in the sea, Whether you lie in the sand, Whether you lie in the dirt, Or you lay in an unmarked grave. We can never thank you enough. But I sure hope, By remembering your sacrifices and the memories that you have shared with others, Will be enough. Thank you It goes for any and all countries around the world. The attacks on paramedics as far as I have heard have happened in Australia and that is very sad to hear. Also this is just made up on the spot, but thanks for reading it all. And thanks to everyone in the services.

  65. GamerNation

    It, frankly, pisses me off that country (and other) singers elect to make money off of soldiers deaths. They get made out as some 'soldier sympathizing' good guy. It's bullshit. Even if you give every dollar to soldier charities (which are also often scummy and questionable when you talk to ACTUAL soldier (WWP)). I think this type of song needs to stop now. You want to give praise to those that serve, great. You want to give thanks for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice? Serve those families that grieve. Invite them to a weekend getaway to take their mind off the loss they deal with daily.

  66. Chance Carl

    Thanks to all those first responders and soldiers who put their lives on the line for us daily, we are blessed and in your favor!

  67. Zachary Starling

    My dad is a firefighter and my worst fear is he won’t come home.

  68. Colton Turner

    USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅 If you don’t like this song, then you can call 1-800-leave-America! Thank you to the brave men and women who serve our great nation!

  69. Lindsay Boudreaux

    This song gets you right in the feels! Praise God ive got to welcome friends back from Iraq this week!!!

  70. Christopher Ebke

    God dammit this hits home

  71. Conner Ochs

    Home of the free because of the brave thank you too everyone that has served and are still serving for your tremendous sacrifice for this amazing country

  72. Tw

    Who ever dislikes this song is the most selfish assholes I've seen in a while

  73. Brayden James

    This song hits me hard because I lost my uncle in the military On February 09. this year was his ten year anniversary that he’s been gone

  74. Because You

    Missing my brother a lot lately he died in action we got a letter but at his funeral everyone in my town showed up and sang one hell of an amen

  75. Chris Hasse

    Thank you great grandpas in world war 2 and my uncle that retired in the police. Thank you for protecting our country. USA!

  76. VolunteerFirefighter

    Damn, this song hits deep.

  77. Joshua Neuhaus

    This song hit home so hard I lost my brother, my absolute best friend in Afghanistan in November of 2016 hit me hard so I did my part and joined up to pick up where he left off now I get my chance to go where he was I leave for Afghanistan sometime next year

  78. Trooper 256

    Who were the jerks that disliked this

  79. Cameron Albrecht

    Who cut the onions

  80. Steven Lawson jr

    Yet another amazing song by the greatest country singer out there!

  81. Chelsea Rae

    I actually teared up. Thank you to all our men and women who put their lives in harm's way.🙏🏻💜 much respect and love.💙❤

  82. keirsten anderson

    As a daughter of a soldier this hits me hard

  83. Travis Balcom

    Whoever has given this a thumbs down....please kill yourselves

  84. Jimmy Jackson

    This has to be my favorite song thanks to all of the veterans out there that have served and all the first responders the country wouldn’t be the same with out them

  85. Kevin Knox

    Where the hell he been?

  86. Gaston Jarreau

    Gotta lot of respect for Justin and the one’s who served. Gives me chills every time I hear this song

  87. Jacob Hall

    Remembering my battle buddy Cpl. Burns. Killed in front of me by an IED. On every Friday night I sit at the bar with a picture of him and I buy a beer for him.

  88. Leslie Martin

    I love this song! Thank you to all the People that are fighting for us and the ones that gave their life for our freedom!

  89. Krystine Adams

    if you can make it through this without a little bit of choking up you are a terrible person

  90. Ashley

    If this doesnt hit your heart, then you dont have one at all! God bless all military, first responders, police, fire. Justin is truly a stand up guy! Love this!!!

  91. The Fluff

    Fuck Blue Lives and Fuck the Troops lmao

  92. Ryan Martelino

    It’s sad how teachers some times don’t make it home. Much respect to all services putting their life in risk for our country. 🇺🇸

  93. osumoni

    Another amazing video by the most stand up country musician out there. I've had the pleasure of seeing Justin perform a few times in Maryland. Last year we were able to meet him when he was getting on his tour bus after the show. He dropped everything to meet with his fans, sign personal items and even take photos. Keep up the great work Sir.

  94. Firebuff71

    Great video! Amazing message aswell. God bless em!

  95. Raven Tactical

    Oh good one more cheesy country singer trying to profit off the military and police

  96. Sniper El1te

    This song is touching😭 real shit bro, love you Justin💯

  97. Nicki Gunlock

    Whoever disliked this video has absolutely no respect to what these amazing men and women are putting on the line at home and abroad. This just makes me question the things taught in our world nowadays. We need to teach respect better than we have . This video should truly have no dislikes with the amazing story it shares


    Who else here before a million?

  99. Mr.Dgaming

    Thank you @ Justin Moore for making this video and supporting them and I can’t think you or then enough on how hard this song hits man

  100. natsu2432 e

    I dont know why 115 people would thumb down this song. This is a beautiful song, that really hits the heart.