iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!



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    Some highlights from the 2018 Apple Event! Hands on with the new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and the new gold Apple Watch Series 4.
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    1. TXEHXX _

      I don’t even have a phone lol * cries inside *

    2. isaac martinez

      Yo I respected that you were an apple fan but to say the iPhone xr is a great price is really uhh like what ? Come on be honest and look around at all these phones prices I use to like my iPhone but damn like for 750 not to have 1080 which is like basic on all phones this is a joke like come one Justine

    3. Zoey’s World

      Sweet ❤️😩

    4. Hennie 333

      I have the iPhone SE and I’m happy but I am getting a new phone when the contract runs out

    5. Charles Hecker

      If you pay more than $200 for a phone and not own it, you are incredibly dumb. Next year it's obsolete. Just buy a decent phone and donate $1000 to charity. These iphones are made by Chinese workers that are paid 20 cents an hour and have suicide nets on their factories. So posh.....

    6. Гульнара Рустемова

      $999 $700 ! 💵💵💵💵💵💴💴💴💴💴💴💶💶💶💶💶💷💷💷💷💷💷💸💸💸💸💸💸💎💎💎💎💎

    7. Гульнара Рустемова

      📱 iPhone xs max iPhone xp 📱

    8. Charles Hecker

      Once they get rid of the notch it would be an iphone. Still underpowered and overpriced but at least a full screen.

    9. Aracely Gomez Videos

      Would the XS mini be like an SE or 5 with a full screen

    10. noname22541

      Isn't me, or is she biased?

    11. Nina Neenaah

      1449 that’s definitely 2000 in Kenya. Nah I’m good. I’ll stay with my 6 till the day it dies :(

    12. HoNey nUt

      Aye putas im looking to get my first iphone so is the xr a good choice im 13 btw

    13. Kalen1457

      Ijustine is the epitome of shallow materialism. Just Look how many laptops and iPhones she has...I understand she reviews tech for a living but the way she talks and raves about these gadgets comes across as a bit spoiled (typed from my 3 year old iPhone 5s)

    14. Zoey Uriarte

      I’m going the IPhone X s max also I have a IPhone 7

    15. Emily ___YourMom

      I just got my IPhone X yesterday lol.

    16. Jonathan Quesada

      I just came to watch the beautiful Justine, because prices of this phones are out of control

    17. HB 1733

      People are obsessed with their phones. I paid under $100 for a phone and it does everything I need from a phone. I don't carry my phone in my hand everywhere I go like a lot of people.


      Xr display looking good?? Are you cazy. Xr display is shit btw

    19. Games&Electronics G&E

      Typical female likes her iPhone. Thank Samsung the king of innovation for that oled display

    20. Future Senator Karl Pilkington

      Android > apple

    21. Angelica Samiano

      Pls...give me a....iphone x max.....pls.................notice me.....pls.....i like phone ...bacause i have no phone

    22. Kathmandu N

      You are like the H of IT-new

    23. Lissette Rose

      I definitely want the iPhone Xs Max in gold

    24. Chavion Hines

      We are both left handed. Save the left handed people Queen iPhone

    25. Thechannel

      749 "less expensive" they said........

    26. arthur ryszko


    27. Jacob Higdon

      Good review but check the specs for iPhone xr can’t even use 1080p60

    28. Alberto Abelgos


    29. DC Gaming

      I have a 7 should I get a new one contract ends next year?

    30. Ramen Skittles

      *meanwhile i have a perfectly working iPhone 7*

    31. Daniel Santalucia

      What a load of shit lol

    32. sentino68

      Wait... u put your iPhone 10 on a drone!!?? Love your show!

    33. Child Star

      the resolution of iphone Xr is the same as iphone 4..... they downgraded the screen and raise the price.... what an innovation congrats to apple

    34. Shema Greene

      Do the iPhone XS take the same case as the iPhone X?

    35. K E E P I T R E A L

      i really wish i have an iphone even if it just 4s

    36. mY baG iS HeLLa THicK

      I got my phone stolen and out of nowhere I got lots of phone ads 😐😑

    37. Moonchild

      I was going to buy the iPhone 8 Plus in silver last night but I ended up wanting to Preorder the iPhone XR in white because they’re nearly the same price

    38. Bernie Atacador II

      Its really diificult for people to choose the phone they want becuz its the wors

    39. Bernie Atacador II

      They just made an iphone worse.... An iphone 4 has more ppi than that and was realeased 8 years ago.... Dont waist your money in this iphone buy a 300 dollar flagship smartphone instead like pocophone f1

    40. Chinedu Uchu

      She says the Xr is at a great price point? What level of retardation is she at?

    41. Joe Antonicci

      That phone sucks same old same old and that NOTCH OMG steve jobs from the grave, same bullshit home page .......................

    42. Mr. Pro

      Apple becoming shit

    43. Herman Grobbelaar

      Iphone XR has the same screen ppi than iphone 4...? resolution isnt as good also for 750? lol okay...

    44. Bruno Fernandes

      14 minutes of vídeo for 2 minutes about the device itself.

    45. jaime samuel jaime soto

      This lady sucks with her videos 💩🖓

    46. Mona_ma Jewelry

      i have 8+ and i’m probably not gonna change it for like a decade 🙂

    47. Cita Tibrea Andrei

      "The starting point is 749 !!!!!" WOW. How brainwashed can some people get... P.S. Really nice how Apple masked out the notch in their presentations with top black wallpaper. As lame as is gets...

    48. JP Flores

      You are really stupid if you buy these phones!

    49. NoDeathforDinner

      That is not rose gold. 🤦‍♀️Also omg so expensive for what you're getting. You can buy an android with similar specs for so much cheaper.

    50. Apoorv Bajpai

      i phone x R (retarded)!