I'm in a Sorority? | Lele Pons

Lele Pons

Lele Pons

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    Pubblicato il 9 mesi fa


    1. Lele Pons


      1. Ashley Juarez

        Lele I LOVE❤️ You!🥰

      2. Sheemran Tamang

        Lele Pons you are so cool and cute ok 👍🏼

      3. Joanna Elizabeth

        Lele Pons WE ALL LOVE U LELE SO MUCH

      4. Lisa Yang

        Lele Pons m

      5. demmyblue

        Lele Pons ur the worst

    2. Julio Tzunux

      you no the bts

    3. Saffron Johnston

      She is my favarote youtuber

    4. Saffron Johnston

      😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎I love Lele pons

    5. Eli Soto

      Lele te quiero mucho y más

    6. Movie Collector

      Damn, its like military school for girls

    7. F-B-I loves vlobsterr

      I like the girl dancing

    8. BTS Jin's one and only

      Hey lelelellelelelelellelelelele my sister says she wants to be like u

    9. Cath Torres

      Jay chilling😾

    10. Ameira Estrella

      Anyone 2019

    11. Ameira Estrella

      Anyone 2029

    12. Dolores Irigoyen

      Jajaja I love you lele

    13. Dragon R

      Dancing lady sexy.

    14. fortnut !?!?!?!,!?!

      5pm really it's 2:30 In the morning

    15. Michael Mcmillion

      Lele do better you is good

    16. Beast Bros

      1:27 aj lee

      1. Asha Sangha

        Are you blind?

      2. Asha Sangha

        Beast Bros that looks NOTHING LIKE AJ LEE

    17. Lance Blalock

      Hi sucibe to me plz

    18. Blair Williams

      I want man shoulders

    19. Trailerzz and clipz

      Lele is good at acting weird 😂😂

    20. Fatimah Albassam

      1:27 - 1:29 EWW

    21. Ella The unicorn

      I love you videos

    22. PALADO Faith

      I like the video hola lele

    23. Cheryl Pascal

      oh shit brown tan boy sexy

    24. Valerie Dial

      It’s cool

    25. ItsYoKaii

      I felt bad for the geek..

    26. Don OMalley


    27. Xpert Gamer

      You so funny and soooooo pretty lele

    28. Crazy coop Lorena

      Anyone else think that the girl in the denim jacket looks or is the girl from birdbox???

    29. Abigail's EveryDay Life

      I love you

    30. Khushi Heeroo

      I think she is crazy

    31. Billie Eilish Fan

      Lele a has lots lots of friends

    32. Joana Almeida

      Comment if you like Lele, like if you love Lele

    33. Sharon Nguyen

      She got some MOVES

    34. mochi. !

      When the girl started dancing uh bye

    35. mochi. !

      hi my birthdays tomorrow , like this comment to wish me happy birthday

    36. norhan And gana ahmed


    37. Sharon Nguyen

      This is like Big hero 6 science school

    38. David Ashe

      2:40 I'm that person...☹

    39. safa coeur


    40. #vlogsftw #vlogsftw

      the girl who was holding the nerf gun in black she kind of looks like camila cabello

    41. #vlogsftw #vlogsftw

      my god i feel bad for the first girl who left

    42. Pastel Moonlight

      Lol I love this 🤣

    43. devin vang

      I have the same shirt as twan

    44. Jan Dom

      Women are big babies.

    45. JEYJAY0923


    46. The Smoke187

      مجنونه 😂💔

    47. yessi gonzalez

      me encantas💖

    48. Elizabeth Cahill

      Ill Phil for the new girls

    49. Lily Ahmet

      Is this from bad neighbours 2😂😂

    50. A•R•T•U•R•O

      4:54 she already did that her self??😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    51. Opinion Techy

      WHOS THAT FINE ASS GIRL AT 4:18???? Shes so damn HOT!!!

    52. Sasha Mahan

      Poor Lee she did all that for nothing In my mind: I'm so glad that was not me😅

    53. The Moyos

      Good job

    54. Unicorn Horns

      Your the best

    55. Peter Kafrouni


    56. Sister James Charles Fan1906

      That girl in the blue looks like Kendall Jenner

    57. Tom Scarzy

      2:46 wtf

    58. harry pottah addicted

      4:34 is that supposed to be good...

    59. The Moyos

      Love u guys you are so cute

    60. Mirjeta Ethemi

      Guys who is that tall black hair girl ?

    61. Fatima Dalal

      Good old days

    62. Guys I'm taking a breAk

      Who else thinks her outro musics first line Says "COME lele straight for ME"


      She said if they defeat them their in but they still did thecarwash thing

    64. Darkness Darkness

      {\_/} (^_^) ( > >🍫

      1. Shahadat Hussain

        {\/} ^_ ^ ( > >)

      2. iTzZTrOllZ

        Darkness Darkness oooooh u want the chocolate?

    65. Noelia Diaz


    66. Doug Mack

      The girls on the right side won

    67. Doug Mack

      i love janina she is so fire

    68. Doug Mack

      She trying to be hannah stocking

    69. Onieda Hang

      5:45 Shes so lonly I wish all my big cousins can go there I have about like 9 of them

    70. karime echaurren


    71. TheLastFourPlayers!1!

      soy tu fam ven a mexico

    72. Faze Ligma

      Top comedy and talent👌👌👌👌

    73. Sheemran Tamang

      Lele hanneh

    74. Mataya Auxi

      She wasn’t in the sorority tho?? So how did they win💁‍♀️😂

    75. Carly Playz Gacha

      0:44 What da is Janina wearing rolandas clothing?! 😐😑

    76. Lily Taylor

      I love watching you

    77. Николай Маргвелашвили

      Просто посмотрел на сексуальных девчат среднего возраста...стоячно

    78. Women Are Property Get Back In The Kitchen

      5:08 if only the camera was positioned correctly

    79. Bloxy Girl

      I loved it when Lele said she had 3,000 followers when out of her character she has 31M XD

    80. snowbox gamer

      I thank ther is 4 tas

    81. Kathy Davila

      The girl that was dancing was rebecca zamolo cousin

    82. Valeria Denisse

      Oml 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. Theatre Tips!

      4:59 i see you girl, feeling them abs

    84. Angel Contreras

      before the tittle was on spanish"estoy en una hermandad?

    85. Heaven Weaver


    86. Heaven Weaver


    87. zainab saleh

      Lol lele's face at the end😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. Arlira Kurtishi

      I love this vid

    89. Xrd420

      “If we can’t beat them or join them, let’s take them down.” Very insightful Lele, as I would expect from someone who dropped out of school.

    90. Lina Zaidouni

      When u stop at 4:17 she kinda looks like the beautiful female version of Domnic Purcell aka Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break (no offense she is pretty)

    91. IT’z Swaggernot303

      Work it girl

    92. IT’z Swaggernot303

      Honey u are so beautiful

    93. danyelle and shaniah Spencer


    94. shookshow_vibes

      She has 353K likes, she’s obviously very funny, stop hating let her live.

    95. Bianca Hahn élève

      4:34 is that Demi lovato😂😂

    96. Anthony Ruiz

      When she was wearing the sunglasses I didn’t notice your now I know it is so she can look like you

    97. Anthony Ruiz

      And the girl that next by the door

    98. Anthony Ruiz

      You look pretty in the fridge or in the first one the video