Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)



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    Tranz is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Listen/buy here: gorill.az/thenownow
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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Co-director: Nicos Livesey
    Executive Producer: Bart Yates
    Producer: Georgina Fillmore
    Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

    Production Company: Blinkink
    Production Company: Eddy
    Executive Producers Eddy: Emilie Walmsley, Lars Wagner
    Production Coordinator: Maria Kolandawel
    Production Manager Eddy: Stella Ramsden
    Line Producer: Fabien Cellier
    Production Assistants: Lina Houari, Agathe Derosier

    Director of Photography: Max Halstead
    1st Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
    Editor: Paul Moth

    Animation by: Brunch
    Lead Animator: Romain Barriaux
    Storyboard and Layout: Julien Perron
    Animation: Romain Barriaux, Julien Perron, Leo Schweitzer, Martin Richard, Paul Nivet, Magali Garnier, Léonard Bismuth, Simon Duong van Huyen, Mathilde Loubes, Victor Chagniot (work experience)
    Animation Clean-up: Mathilde Loubes, Antoine Carré
    Colour and Shadow animation: Meton Joffily d'Alençar, Rohit Kelkar, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux
    Compositing: Vincent Ewald
    Compositing assistant: Ekin Koca
    3D Animators: Erik Ferguson, Oliver Latta, Marco Mori
    Analog Synth: Michael Knight
    Animation Clips: Lee Hardcastle, Macomoroni, Extraweg, Fergemanden
    Animatic: Simone Ghilardotti
    Sound FX: Offset Audio

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    1. Ross Tunner

      really enjoying this phase

    2. drawkward234

      Doctor: You have 3 minutes to live Me: Perfect!

    3. Ozarazil

      2D my boy why are you getting posessed so often now? Haha

    4. Melotech

      Is this song about masturbation like uhhh

    5. Jordan Bisshop


    6. Inko21

      What did they do to Murdoc and Noodle? Murdoc looks like Ace from Power Puff Girls. I start paying attention to just the music and the characters change.

    7. Caiden Figueroa

      What's with the eyes

    8. WolfKnight 281

      Rip ace

    9. Nikolas Natt-Lawson

      this song would be good for a hangover

    10. Blaze_Sportelli

      whos brain is capable of thinking this shit up lmao

    11. Bryan Heredia

      Quien es ese Pinocho ? es de la banda? O se hizo cirugia o la niña crecio . wow

    12. Walencher1


    13. может быть

      ура гарилас вернульс

    14. Poop

      i feel like a venture bros. gorillaz episode would be legit.

    15. Boris Yoalkstein

      Gorillaz always making amazing music



    17. Lil Nuutinen

      If you look closely you can see that the music video is an animation. FAKEEE

    18. Coin981

      I didn't drop acid by accident, or did I? This shit is trippy

    19. VinNigger

      So what’s this whole ordeal between Ace and Murdoc??? Please note this is the first time I heard about him.

    20. Daniel Xsim

      Puberty hit noodle like a truck

    21. Spooky

      Jolly Good Show

    22. GiveMeTheNoodles 049

      2-D just did a Y pose. He did a M pose in Sleeping powder. Next album he needs to do a C pose or A pose.

    23. RyanOlsen ain't lit

      Damn is Murdoc still in Prison?

    24. Red's Not-So-Obvious Channel

      what happened to noodle

    25. Nomadic Gamer

      Feels like 2D is taunting at Murdoc "Do you look like me? Do you feel like me?" like he is trying to make him jealous so he could come back to the band.

    26. A Filips

      Wtf guys

    27. Oliver Hildebrandt

      Am i the only one who would find this song extremely fitting in a racing game like Forza horizon 4

    28. hydere

      Murdoc: You can’t make successful solo albums 2D:

    29. лукаш

      Ебать мой хуй, у него усики! 0:26

    30. Aquablade5

      who thinks Gorillaz should make a movie?

    31. meme me

      watch this high.

    32. Bo4ken


    33. Corintos

      Taquiparil que musica absurda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA viciado !!!

    34. Gorillaz Fan

      Drugs, don’t do kids.

    35. PROSTO_ YURA


    36. fanner cat

      Почему у 2D белые глаза они же всегда были чёрные 😕 .

      1. Honor 4c

        не знаю, может он одержим

    37. tip


    38. fanner cat

      Тут есть русские мне интересно .

    39. Owen 101

      T⚡️R⚡️A⚡️N⚡️Z is my favorite song righ now!!

    40. Donege Held

      animation on POINT!!

    41. Amir Islahuddin

      When PPG gonna punch ace???

    42. David Alejandro Monrroy Macias

      the song reminds the classic 80s beats with that synth and keybord its like the kind of song remember us that the old tunes return to show us how cool are.

    43. ProSkeej

      Why does it go full don't hug me I'm scared at the end

    44. Yaboichris _

      REMINDER: 2D is about 40.

    45. CakeyBakey01 [CB]

      2-D's head turn is the same in the beginning as it is at 1:52

    46. WangleLine

      It sounds so fancy! I love all the synths :D

    47. Ya Me

      huh... thank you. thank you for a wonderful childhood. thank you for the wonderful clips. your animation is on top. thank you and good luck...

    48. Meme mc Cream

      half of em look dead inside

    49. Autistic Dinosaur

      Simply amazing. Marvelous. Its awesome. I dont have any more words ro describe this music video. Rusell is my favorite thicc bae.

    50. Emma Salazar