Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2)



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    Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Two.
    Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze

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    1. DJ Dr.J

      Lucky You with Joyner is the absolute best song on Kamikaze

    2. Doctor Diamond

      Em needs to get some fucking slack


      Even his talk sounds like a rap..damn it...

    4. Jenny

      I totally love the way he speaks, it sounds as if he was rapping!

    5. Tai Vitolo

      You think em is scary when he's mad. LOL you should see my mom

    6. Bhodisatvas

      Killshot was sublime, MGK is over.

    7. Mick Phillips

      Bro if I never heard your music I wouldn’t be living life happily at school, what I’m trying to say is thx for helping me through all of my tough times in life bro.👍

    8. P0P357UR3

      Who the fuck is breathing so loudly

    9. carlos flesh

      dudde i wasnt on tech nines abum, plust

      1. carlos flesh

        she asked me to mail her ssome cocaine "terri here"

    10. carlos flesh


    11. maya summers

      I'm still shocked at the fact that MGK thought he was important enough to be even thought about by Eminem. Dude, you are a small guy in a group of top notch rappers, you ain't nobody major. Also the fact that he claim Eminem basically tried to hinder his career by "banning" him from that Sway interview which is Bullshit. Why the ever living fuck, would Eminem of all people try and sabotage his career. What would Eminem gain from doing so? He'd benefit nothing. Mgk isn't even worth running through his mind. Em don't give a damn if he falls and pick himself back up. Just don't fuck with him and he won't fuck with you. Its not hard logic.

    12. Riano Rizal

      "I wanna destroy him.. But I also don't want to make him bigger.." When Em said that, I know it's gonna get scary.. 🔥🔥

    13. Garett Blackburn

      Prior to the interview I hadn’t heard of slaughterhouse because i just listen to older stuff that i heard recovery was the newest i had listened so i l knew nothing of his newer stuff and i gotta say it isn’t bad and slaughterhouse is good too

    14. Evan Franey

      I love how honest he was about Slaughterhouse. I hope Glass House eventually comes out because it could be a classic. If Joe and Em do battle, it'd be good for hiphop, but I hope they don't get to the point of no return.

    15. Superkrem

      I love how he says "you" when he is talking about other rappers or persons, idk, feels like they are there or smt.

    16. joe lisiecki

      MGK Is so dumb “to quote him correctly” no u misquoted em, he didn’t even stutter he said shut the f up twice in a row, that’s not stuttering that’s saying something over that’s not a stutter🙄

    17. SourPulse

      9:03 - 9:13 lmfao, Em's just like all of us

    18. Kieran Brewer

      Oh yeah if it weren't apparent by the persistency, I'm either gonna give you the chance to let me take your spot, or rip it from you... May seem like trolling, just gotta beat the best to be it. You understand

    19. Kieran Brewer

      Oh yeah, I know it's a long shot but fuck it, you say it I do it. I don't know how you'll ever see this and if it is an admin just do me a favour let him know, but I want in. I don't know where I stand but I got nothing else, and I mean nothing. Just do for me what dre did for you. If not on here just let me know where to go and I'll walk, I got what no one but the greats got and I'm willing to prove it. Now I don't want fame for free, I don't even want fame persé, I'm just in the position where I got nothing but my pen and a whole lot of knowledge on what you do. Believe me when I say you weren't talking to yourself. It takes work and i know this but where I'm from, someone like me could work for 2 lifetimes and end up moving backwards. I WILL surprise you. Love me, hate me, never give a fuck for me, i dont care, you dont owe me fuck all and you still made me know that my hero is there! I just wanna do something for you! Carry on YOUR legace. They say reach for stars, so heres me reaching. Give me a time, and a place and I will walk miles, swim further and BE THERE. I NEED THIS. If you don't feel like I could, I really would understand seen as I am just a kid on your channel. I have no equipment. Surving on benefits. Child born in 10 days my ex will go the end of the earth to stop me seeing. I don't even wanna beg as much as I do at the same time. I also have another favour, if I fuck up, 1st time, 2nd even 100th, save me by ending me because without rap i have nothing. I swear i try and people love my bars but I'm in a place where if its not a drug or slut it ain't being shifted. Plus don't think I'm asking you coz you're the greatest and your my hero coz its not! I don't want a fucking hand out, I just want a chance to show i may not be big or hard or killing sharks, but when it comes to bars, I ain't just a big fish, each line is a Mariana trench inhabitant. I know more than anyone you got where you are from where you were by putting in the work, but im putting in work and I mean serious mother fucking work and because of who I am, I'm still hated. I need to show I got what it takes and you of all people heard me last time! You don't have to now, I'll go my life living as shit's laughing stock, I'll even take abuse from anyone and just let it slip due to giving up on myself but one thing I will never EVER do is put down the pen. I got music in the bag and anyone whos listened to me knows it, I'll never let it go, ever! I just need opportunities. You know that scene in the lab on 'in da club' where you and dre are 'creating' 50? Well lets just say, you used the wrong lab rat. And I'll prove it. I don't want friends, money, cars, I just want a life for my old girl, sister and child that's more than, well, this. Oh and thank you, if you really can't do any of it, trust me i gone 20 years living like a slaves slave, i could do the rest of my life on my head now. But for releasing killshot, obviously not for me, but for you, your fans, your reputation, THAT, you utter fucking genius, was absolutely heroic in my eyes,I really do appreciate you proving to me more than anyone that role models never leave! You're still a prick though hahah. If you don't get back to me I get it like i said you dont owe me jack shit, but one day, when I do get a chance to prove myself, take it full grasp and make it, pints on me. Your "should-be" prodigy, Brewer. Ps, I really will shock you.

    20. Kieran Brewer

      Just to let you know, kill shot 👌 the man bun bar was immense hahahah! And the Diddy bar fair play BALLSY, especially when it was you.

    21. Cpr Games

      9 mile coming soon?

    22. KxiZxku Shirxhige

      Really wanna hear that track he went too far on.

    23. KxiZxku Shirxhige

      Really wanna hear that track he went too far on.

    24. Keshab Prasai

      'I don't give a fuck bout your career'

    25. Brisaa Rios

      8:08 When he starts talkin bout Mgk. Thank me later 😜

    26. Joseph Mullally

      “It’s pretty good for him” damn lol

    27. Joshua Williams

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      1. Lagger

        English please

    28. maya summers

      He. Was. So. Mad. Him being mad, is very unsettling and terrifying. He has a short fuse when it comes to certain things, and certain people like to walk on thin ice when fucking with him. So when that "side" of him comes out, I can't help but feel sorry for the person who would be dumb enough, to even attempt to anger Marshall.

    29. aoarms

      The problem with slaughter house was that it was pushed as a marketed product. Not as an organic group that made their way. Which is important for lyrical rap imo

    30. vanessa _112233

      Damn he's still sexy af😍💖

    31. Robert Lindsay

      I'd pay good money to see Eminem react to mgks rap devil

    32. can we hit 5000 subscribers with just few videos?

      89% of comments are black people who are lowkey critisizing em 14% are kpop n shit 8%kids

    33. OIC Cookie

      That note he hit on "Fuck No!" 😂😂😂👌

    34. Tristar12151 1

      I never seen a sit down with eminem like this where he wasnt mean mugging or being funny or some this was like marshal chillin speaking his mind and I fucken loved it

    35. Patricia Holbrook

      I've always loved him. Still do.

    36. Nicole Gross

      He not lying though bc I didn't even know mgk still rapped the last thing I heard from him was wild boy

    37. Neal G

      Its good... FOR HIM 😅😅

    38. Ayman Hafiz


    39. miranda schurz


    40. Amber Weekley

      I grew up listening to Eminem! Much love to this man for coming from nothing and following his heart and making it in the rap game. Eminem over MGK for life!

    41. Steven

      Eminem sucks at interviews. I'm off to listen to his stuff.

    42. Boltens Black

      Someone should do a video about whether or not the phone call machine gun Kelly claims to have happened actually happened Eminem said he did make a call it doesn't mean someone didn't go behind his back in make the call

    43. KaLk! MuS!C

      He is not real Eminem. Mother fucker is an Illuminati guy. His name is Praveen Bhajantri. Check His DNA. Don't know if the real eminem is alive or not. Plastic surgeried himself as eminem... Man look at that fucker talk. I'll be killing him boys. I grew up with that guy dressed up as eminem and FYI MGK is in India. And we have a good back up for MGK over there. Man inform it to CIA or FBI. If you see this message. I am Rahul Bhajantri... His half Brother!! Looking at the way you guys are interviewing him it looks like he's in good hands... I understand the frustration of the person interviewing Mr Praveen Bhajantri...

    44. Sam My

      Thanks for this interview.

    45. Cyreal Something

      who the fck is MGK?! like..wtf?

    46. Rahul Kemp

      The greatest rapper of all time! But, yes, the beard is weird!!

    47. Jenny

      I just love the few moments starting with 9:47 up to 10:05! I love how he speaks there, he comes across so honest and sincere!

    48. Ken Malhi

      Eminem has been through hell and back show respect by liking this!!!

    49. Dan Joshua Siason

      Now he juz made me wanna really actually hear THAT 1 SONG that went WAY TOO FAR... mahn fucck!

    50. Mr Tenenbaum

      Truefully I bought the d12 album because of Eminem....so I'm pretty sure I was going to buy there album because of him...him and crooked i