Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2)



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    Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Two.
    Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze

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    1. Trueno Ong

      Have you listened to your own shit?? 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. sherriescottrn327

      Damn! This grown up Marshall is so stinkin' 🔥hot!🔥

    3. Shooter 6639

      These interviews are interesting.

    4. Kbarbieb 01


    5. Bia M

      I'm not an Eminem fan. I like his music/I am aware of the genius he is, but I've never gotten into him that much. However, seeing this interview made me realize how loyal he must be. You could clearly see that he was upset by that Joe comment (which it's fucked up by the way, you don't bite on the hand that made you/tried to help you), the way he stopped talking and looked down, I actually felt bad for him. I can't imagine what it must be like to have people you know and helped call your album trash. That's some ungrateful shit.

    6. diowk

      this is impossible to follow if you dont already know what they're talking about... i have NO FUCKING CLUE what they are talking about....

    7. Kajus Z.

      Ay shake that beard duuudee

    8. Erykah Manning

      I love Eminem ❤️

    9. P Zeid

      can someone tell me who Joe Budden is? like for real

    10. Rajmani mishra

      The way he talks sounds like rap itself

    11. Casion Murphy

      The worst song you ever heard, have you ever heard your shit lol iconic

    12. EagleTube

      em already rapping give him a beat

    13. Night Jarl


    14. Aion

      Eminem's Way Better Then Slaughterhouse!

    15. Daniel Gibeault

      Eminem says he made a song that went to far Listen to Kim Thank me later

    16. California

      All of you are totally fucked off My opinion

    17. CheekSlapper72

      eminem should diss joe budden.

    18. J Wuh

      I feel like tech n9ne and eminem are brothers... It makes me soooo happy.

    19. bluewhale18

      Where this nuclear bomb shelter they filmed this in?

    20. Lavetta Thomas

      Just like Dave Chapelle said, "that one white guy in the black group is more dangerous than all the black men because he had to win their trust". 😂 Em looks like he'll literally murder you.

    21. KiAtTa KoRkOwSkI

      I haven’t heard of mgk until my ex boyfriend was obsessed with him and it was terrible and he made me listen to rap devil and I was waiting for the good part but it never came

    22. Alllegra Lipton

      I love Eminem's style😍😌

    23. Sam Bunny

      Em.. be you. That's what everyone loves. You aren't the trash that's out here now.. you are a real legend. You helped form hip hop. You made hip hop take white rappers serious especially after vanilla ice. Don't please us.. please you and that gets us hyped. Caterpillar was amazing. Kamikaze is great! Stop catering to the youth cater to us.. your fans in their late 20s to 30s.. we have your back. Kids nowadays lost the realization of the value and power their words can have lyrically. Boom bap is missed. You are missed. I watch 8mile constantly. Know the words to almost all your old school music. There isn't a high bar em.. you're the bar. You're what rappers should aim to be. You were plastered all over my room as a youth. People like me.. will always follow you. I hope you are back and continue to do you. That's the best music you make. Battle rap champ the game needs you. It's dying.

    24. Hella Smoke

      12:26 wish you would’ve finished that sentence Em lol

    25. James Albanese

      Shut the fuck up MGK 😂😂😂

    26. Amitava Bera

      12:46 eminem laughed

      1. Isaiah A— Can’t tell ya that

        Amitava Bera 9:55 he did it then too

    27. Love Givens

      I'm in love with a crazy white boy..ugh?!

    28. radish.

      10:51 Shut the *fuck up.* *Shut the fuck up!*

    29. Gyp Rosetti

      2.26 if the interviewer had of had the balls to ask.... Why weren't you in contact with them. I love em, think Joe Budden is a boring bastard "good morning yall" but Shady Def could of done more. But zip it budden, can't wait to you get it

    30. tomas finnegan

      Yo I was sitting looking at em and his beardline or whatever its called he looks like a white drake with the beard

    31. david brown

      What a fucking hypercrit

    32. Kate Starley

      I hope Em goes down the rabbit hole and finds this comment... You are a god Em.. You Saved my soul

    33. DJ Loco

      MGK is dead. #LMAO

    34. J.T. R

      Yo I just realised this is hilarious

    35. Wolf

      When Eminem said he wanted to diss MGK, not make him bigger. Eminem knows his fucking spot in the rap game.

    36. Lalos Rizo

      He makes a real good point about people pre judging shit how do you know you don't like something unless you listen to it

    37. AZ RM

      Eminan life and my life same,I like eminam,life is sad,

    38. Judith Campbell

      Awe I love both you guys ❤️ Your the best out there

    39. Cindy LeRoy

      How many of your online accts have been hacked... Actually locked rhe real person out of their or your own acct.?

    40. Jamie Day

      think Shady started coming out 😂 he was pissed

    41. Craig Phillips

      Marshall does not need anyone to stick up 4 him, he tells the hard truth which should be respected

    42. Worst Nightmare 2.0

      Shit chill

    43. Greg Greg

      The one thing I won’t not laugh at is The “shut the fuck up”

    44. Dokata

      This guy made fack

    45. Cameron Spalding

      The song River is amazing Fuck everyone who thinks otherwise

    46. Luisito Hernández

      someone add spanih sub to this please

    47. Eliana Disanto

      I wonder what Em was gunna say at 12:25, he say “Wait”. Then stops

    48. Kaotic 315

      okay, how the fuck he got 7 mill plus on a interview...👁

    49. Pratyush Dubey

      Why this guy rapping here also?

    50. Esther Christianson

      i know this. i do 2.

    51. Arnav Dahal

      Who the fuck is joebuttin? His name sounds like butt

      1. Bibek Chhetri

        he's joe butthead

    52. Valerie Hammett

      We've all become critiquing snobs. Were spoiled with endless entertainment via youtube and netflix. When theres over production of a thing it loses its quality almost and people stop appreciating it. I try to understand the amount of time and creative effort that went into something before casting harsh judgement. Theres an art to critiquing film and music that most people lack. Just look at what rotten tomatoes has done to ratings merely destroying the work of screenwriters. All by a bunch of snot nosed talentless lazy shits.

    53. der echte

      Nooo Em! I wanna hear the stuff that goes too far

    54. william Heath

      I have new knew of MGK, Joe Button be i started listening to Eminem back in 2016

    55. Sveta Lerman


    56. Lola Barry

      Joe Button is a JEALOUS LITTLE BITCH! He was innn the Fuucking GROUP AND DID NOT MAKE IT BUT OTHER MEMBERS MOVED UP /joe buttons is not talented and FKN CRYING ON AIR BECAUSE HE IS A LITTLE GIRL

    57. Ferrari_Guy

      The name failed,,,Slaughterhouse?

    58. bratty bites

      wow people really are insatiable... you have eminem believing in you and that isn't good enough

    59. Yoshi Kun

      Sway - "You havent heard his Rap devil response?" Em - "No I heard it" Sway - "What do you think of it?" Em - "It's not bad for him.." lol, but it's bad for Em

    60. DrumRapTech

      RIP Squirt Gun Kelly's career

    61. Cesar Cruz

      Eminem is like Eddie Brock, when someone threatens Eddie Venom comes out, when someone disses Em Slim Shady comes out, damn.

    62. all BALL

      Nobody. Can. Fuck. Wit. Eminem. NOBODY.best. 2. Ever. Do. it

    63. saga07 saga07

      God dam , respect for em , he ain't no matter after all that shit that those guys talk about, That s why ure the rap god.

    64. BayanTheOne

      fucking kindergarten, he said this, he said that, man pushing 50 the look on Sway's face is like he holds in laughter, and then he finally found a moment to let off

    65. Vampe

      All jokes aside, im happy Slim is rich,. He derves it. God bless yall

    66. Damion Oler

      9:48 fax from Em

    67. hakeem buble

      Grown writing poems to each other. Cute.

    68. hakeem buble

      How does he not know if he did beats for the first album.?

    69. your local potato

      i love how protective he is of his daughter.

    70. Epic Reactions

      I listened to that slaughter house album, it was plain boring and half whack

    71. ramzi ali


    72. random person

      Kim and eminem are much alike in interviews lol they both say you know a lot and straight forward but eminem is amazin thats the diffrence hes amazin

    73. Rahim Ramli

      "Making diss song after diss song." Does not sound like a bad idea to me.

    74. HighStreet Paranormal TV

      i need to meet marshal

    75. The BlackNinja

      How can people even dislike any of Em's videos?

    76. Slim-So-Nasty

      LOL Mgk really hasn't been talked about after the diss. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

    77. hgghgh fghfghfg

      these fools think they're too important

      1. Kyle Smith

        hgghgh fghfghfg you watched, right?

    78. Cash M

      I been a fan of Slaughterhouse ever since i heard the “Slaughterhouse” track off of Joe Budden’s album back in 2008. But I think Army of the Pharaohs is lyrically the BEST Rap Group ever.


      6.24 EM hates that shit!! really? the worst?


      EM as honest as hell! he was doing everything he could for slaughterhouse.. i don't see royce complaining like budden shitte!!

    81. Gbenzema Johnson


    82. Aarishbir Ghotra

      Which shoes is eminem wearing ?

    83. Liz Harper: Re- Imagination

      Marshall:” I want to write about my experiences and my pain, and my failures and triumphs. Loss, love, hate, understanding...” Audience:” Yo, where’s shady?! Shit on these hoes if your so great!” Marshall:” *rolls eyes* (Shady’d up) *wrecks shop* Audience:” You’re too old to be acting like that.” Y’all mother fuckers just let Marshall day what’s on his mind. That’s when we will get his best.

    84. Lisa Chapman

      Eminem I love your music... Iike machine gun Kelly cause some off his songs relate to my life... But YOU ARE A LEGEND and he will always be in your shadow. You set the bar so high maybe if u had a son u could have real competition

    85. Kendrick L

      Eminem is too hard on himself 👌

    86. Seth Kinstle

      well when a person is lyrically killing it they can use complex words that a lot of people won't try to understand or you know maybe people that are lyrically developed if they do it wrong they can give off a try hard vibe you know. So it's kind of how it's done really. SOmetimes it just doesn't connect right and that comes to natural talent.

    87. Daniel Gradussov

      never stop with bringing those heavy hitters together Em thats the dopest idea and thing in hip hop today! that brings people together and shows the best most diverse lyricals in the world

    88. Xiao-peng jonathan

      can anyone please help me with the jacket he is wearing??

    89. Tony Gallegos

      Music is all subject to opinion that’s it take it or leave it don’t hate and just appreciate what music you have because with out music this would wouldn’t groove

    90. A Level 100 Onix

      Rap Devil ''It's not bad, for him''

    91. Mz Mobb Be'Mobbin

      Sway just sitting there all sexy and some mo shit

    92. Sksk Sksk

      May the real slimshady please stand up

    93. SportsLuvr

      I'm finally getting around to watching these interviews, haha. I've been meaning to but it's just been busy for me and I've been putting it off. I was/am so looking forward to Glass House. I liked Slaughterhouse and now that he mentioned "Welcome to: Our House" I need to go back and listen to it again. "I Ain't Bullshittin'" is probably my favorite Slaughterhouse song.

    94. 8 c

      "I was a punk back then, I'm different now" (sorta paraphrased) --- I'm happy he said that, I looked up to him alot. He's a talented artist, but it was great to see that turn/ recognition with Eminem. You can obviously see though he still loves the craft of battle rap. He's expressed in his past it's not an evil real intended thing in his heart in the entertainment industry.

    95. Eric Caro

      MGK is nowhere near Eminem's level

    96. Wise G Ethio

      You are the legend Em 🙌🏽

    97. Magistrical Beats

      12:45 If that happens then I'm pretty sure youtube will collapse

    98. Elbetle Sisay

      Eminem looks sexy af☺😍😍😍

    99. JaQuina Adams

      The fact that he was so loyal to his craft and mfs just shitted on him... 😔😔

      1. Yanisel Garcia

        Right??? It breaks my heart for him. He doesn't deserve the hate he gets.