Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas



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    From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
    Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records

    Pubblicato il 4 mesi fa


    1. Herson gamer Caneba

      And once again the rap god and joyner lucas Had won in WW4

    2. Herson gamer Caneba

      Eminem is so old but still can rap faster 45 year old man just beated young mumble raopers

    3. gg

      mgk-eminem is old now, he should quit eminem- 4:45

    4. Mythocratic Republic

      Is this song a joke on Drake? Because even Eminem moves, when he first appears, is exactly like Drake "you used to call me on my cellphone"... 🤔🤔

    5. Napo 21

      At 2.55 that Eminem says wait a minute ,and there's this cutscene with the copycats, it's actually 60 seconds. Magic😍😍

    6. SS_ KLAUDJO01


    7. Kumov XD

      Its so cringe the fact they are dabbing...

    8. Tojo Rabemananjara

      "But I sold my soul to get 'em"

    9. brad riggs

      Younger generation has no idea what rap is, like M said they will rap about anything and most of it's all mumble , lyrically your not touching M. Most of his songs go over their heads anyway, kids better get your dictionaries ready because M is back.

    10. Jar Zha

      3:27 oh god

    11. Jelle van Dongen

      nice beat

    12. Mai Mohamed


    13. FAZZA



      I love the roast 🃏

    15. SSgt Preacher

      There is only one problem with this song, and that is Joyner Lucas...

      1. I dont get it

        The only problem here is you being alive..

    16. Jaylen Thomas

      Eminem never die

    17. Chilango 1323

      Rememba them days when M was supposedly a bad influence and the media wouldn't play his shit?? NEWS ALERT COCK SUCKERS.....RAP GOD.

    18. St1fflexShow

      1:55 i love it

    19. Haymaker 5178

      91,633,924 views in 2019

    20. lxBLUE -SEOX


    21. lxBLUE -SEOX

      I’m 16 but i been knowing who this man was and i will till i die

    22. jerry molly

      It’s about damn time EM came for all these clowns that pop xanax/sip lean and mumble. 90’s kids are the only ones that respect the fuck out of lyrics these days. The new generation will never get it and its sad

    23. TRIDENT Gaming


    24. Chevy Impala

      Love this song..... from Eminems biggest fan!

    25. Black Panther

      Vote Eminem as President and Joyner as Vice. If I prank you I get a Like. Read More

    26. Black Panther

      Joyner is like Jr Dre

    27. Duarte Silva

      Mumble rap is dying.

    28. 921 gaming

      Eminem dabbing is not cringy, and I don't know why😂

    29. Samantha T

      I like the flow but he is literally talking about fucking people up and getting shit and money like where's the love and feels in this song? What has music come to.....

    30. 921 gaming

      The dislikes Are the dislikes😂

    31. TheShadow Killer


    32. TheShadow Killer

      Pause at 5:07 he is a chocolate chicken with a shell

    33. axnxoizoim

      in any style this white breaks the rules of the metric. EMINEM/ SHADY

    34. Gaara '

      Eminem on tour Feb 15th

    35. big troll

      Ruby da cherry suicide boys listen to there music

    36. trielt1

      3:00 - 3:50 What the fuck did I just watch?

    37. EndrinDusami_TV

      Em is dad

    38. A. HaYtAm

      Wowowowow 🔥🔥🔥

    39. Gabriel P


    40. ش Mavi

      Whut?? This Joyner Lucas guy is not white??

    41. Anne holtzclaw

      I still can’t get over this album. Lyrically insane❣️

    42. Danmarsky

      Amazing track from 2 inspirational artists. I'm an aspiring Australian Rapper. Check out my debut single and video. Enjoy! it-new.net/online/video-szDz81qYx6Y.html

    43. DaveVids

      Why is he wearing level 2 vest

    44. Madden Mobile

      Us old heads describe this is one way:..................BARS

    45. KEN RICCI

      Awesome Fellas Great work

    46. Ravioli_ Gaming

      Like how he said I'm that cracker

    47. Michael Meißner

      this guy is 46 years old and still teach the world how to rap :O

    48. JournEy beNnEtt

      Joyner is so underrated

    49. RD

      49k dislikes, 2.1M likes... its like joining the loser club hitting that dislike button... 49k people admitting defeat

    50. Uno deL Maestr0

      Eminem please lose the beard!!!