Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix



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    A witch's 16th birthday is very special.
    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix

    Pubblicato il 9 giorni fa


    1. SkippyLucky7

      So is this gonna crossover with riverdale? And then sonic the hedgehog?

    2. HerrTiSo

      What the fuck, this is pure satanic bullshit you're spitting on us here.

    3. kamalaophelia

      this looks so lame.

    4. zaniahiskewl

      Better not be tv ma

    5. Rodcec P.

      thicc sabrina

    6. _ ShockJin

      Too satanic for you? Don’t watch it. There are many fucked up things portrayed in shows and this barely makes a dent HAH! It’s not the wholesome Sabrina but a different one, it’s originally a comic look it up.

    7. mohamed duale

      Lol this some dark shit 😂😂😂. Look like a good TV show

    8. kristine de

      the happy birthday reminds me of when betty sang it on riverdale but different voice wha

    9. Cherryl Arenos

      This is demonic!

    10. Unknown Entity

      What the FUCK have you done AMERICA?????????????????????????????????????????

    11. Betty Who

      Will Sabrina be the antagonist in this show?

      1. Akito

        No, she's the protagonist.

    12. Chloe Carpenter

      I used to LOVE the animated version of this as a kid. I can't wait for this movie! It looks so demonic and creepy, lol my favorite

    13. Exterwinator

      How gritty, realistic, and exciting! An original spin on a CLASSIC sitcom, turns *this* into a must-watch show this coming season!

    14. Lleylanna Stewart

      This is so dark and creepy...... I LOVE IT 😈(creepy smile). But would like to see if the cat actually talk. I may not be wiccan (yet) but can see how the show may upset some pagans and wiccans. You have to think about that there are some witches who do worship satan and that guy with the goat head is not satan well he is to the show ruining Christians though.

    15. Jessica Mckay

      Other than Maniac this is the first TV trailer I've been excited for in a while, I think I'm going to go watch it again. :D Please let it actually be awesome.

    16. Lleylanna Stewart

      To all the Christians who are commenting on this video I have two words for you. SHUT UP. Don't come to youtube and watch a video seeing that it's a remake from a comic book that you don't like or haven't ever heard of. So take all your Christianity comments somewhere else to people who actually would read them. And for the rest of y'all. Give me a HELL YEAH if you're ready to see this show.

    17. Its AquaGamer

      That is edgy as FUCK.

    18. tyson8452

      I'm looking forward to seeing Ross Lynch with his dark hair play Sabrina's love interest. He has another project right now where he sings in it. He is so talented.

    19. Myth Delacroix

      Oh gosh, and I thought I was watching an American horror story trailer till I read the video title, oh well I guess.

    20. Edgar Rodríguez

      Kiernan es demasiado ardiente

    21. 404エーラー

      this was released on my birthday lmao

    22. cesar garcia

      Yeah sure witches were multicultural and shit, yeah

    23. Ángel Sink

    24. Alejandro Sanchez

      if I watch this, im gonna have my bible and rosary right beside me

      1. Lunanana Sparks

        God or satan doesn't exist. You're programmed with fear due to religion

    25. idkbuthi


    26. Stal

      Take that love shit out 🙂😬

    27. Leinard Josef

      Already a classic i can feel it. But honestly i really really hope this doesn't disappoint

    28. reymicroc

      pinche mierda satanica

    29. CelestePlayz

      I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS. This is the second show me and my brother are going to watch. WERE STILL WAITING FOR SEASON THREE OF RIVERDALE AND NOW WAITING FOR THIS >:( :)

    30. Garrett Westlake

      This show is basically presenting Luciferian imagery to a young audience in attempt to normalize it. Don't kid yourself people, there is a spiritual war happening. Im not religiousl though, with all that said Ill be watching.

      1. Garrett Westlake

        +Maggie Newton im spiritual not religious. And i am relaxed. Im excited for this show.

      2. Maggie Newton

        if you believe in a spiritual war then you are religious. seriously, relax, it's just fiction, Warner Brothers selling a product.

    31. TobiLotta

      am i the only one that dislikes that trailer? i mean i appriciate the work but i preffer the comedy one back from the 90s

    32. Acid

      For those who crying scandal for this dark and "satanic" adaptation, do you know it's a faithful adaptation to the original comics? Excited by these breathtaking images ! I trust Netflix.

    33. LiveInLove

      *The purpose of this show is simple:* indoctrinate the masses (especially the youth) with Satanism, but make sure to keep some high school elements to lure them in.

      1. Maggie Newton

        I love the movie Alien but I don't believe in acid spewing aliens and I don't want to join their ranks. I am quite sure Ridley Scott was not trying to indoctrinate us with aliens. It's fiction. You know, made up, just like witches and Sabrina. Most viewers know that.

      2. Frank V

        xD if 12 years of Harry Potter didn't get me, or any of my friends, in to witchcraft or satanism, I doubt a small netflix show will do it, but by all means, keep trolling.

    34. Snufkin

      I want this to be good but it’s extra edgy & from the producers that made Riverdale so it’s most likely gonna suck & they’re gonna ruin it

    35. RAM

      What's with obsession of witches these days? 😒

    36. RAM

      *Hmmm* You ever think... It's not the original cast, and it has a different theme, so basically they're borrowing a name of something that isn't even really about the original, save the names of the people. Cheap sales gimmick? Unless there is some sort of continuation of the old show, then really, they could call it something unrelated without the gimmick of Sabrina.

      1. Maggie Newton

        it is called something eles: the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (after the dark comic) not Sabrina the teenage witch (after the sit com) so yes, I think, and I also read. There's a Harisson Ford movie called sabrina. Not that one either. hmmmm....

    37. Nasra

      i hate thay i born in october becouse all scary movei comes october and it’s to happy birthday movie scary i sow one happy death day now happy birthday sabrina

    38. Agora1

      too edgy imho

    39. Missing Trace

      I hope Salem still talks in this one

    40. Potato Man

      Im excited, but its from the people who made riverdale, so it could be complete trash...

    41. Samuel Guzmán

      This is incredibly satanic.

    42. t mcgee

      Satanic garbage

      1. Lunanana Sparks

        Don't watch it then bitch

    43. Marta Barrales

      Well, I was pretty excited until I saw "Riverdale" :(

    44. Coleco Vw.

      WTF..🤔Ok, moving on. Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg. Race cars, Lasers, Aeroplanes it’s a duck blur! Might solve a mystery or rewrite history! DuckTales Woo-hoo

    45. Stephanie Lee

      I wish the release was sooner.

    46. Miroo Lee

      That black cat at the end though! so cute>.

    47. vdls21

      Why are these networks bastardizing my all time favorite shows? nostalgia killers!

      1. Maggie Newton

        well, apparently there's a terrible netflix plot to ruin everyone's childhood because it's that easy. and turn us all into satanists, because that's easy as well.

    48. noah4mc

      Doomguy does not approve

    49. Aleco.cch

      This is going to be awesome!!!! Sabrina was my fave show when i was a child.... and now with this look gonna be amazing!!!! hype!

    50. Autumn Richard

      I loved the original Sabrina TV show, but I'm glad this one is a darker version, not a remake. Excited to see it!