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Brand New Man (with Luke Combs)

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    Brand New Man (with Luke Combs) · Brooks & Dunn · Luke Combs
    Reboot... Brand New Man/Believe
    ℗ 2019 Sony Music Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Released on: 2019-02-08
    Associated Performer: Brooks & Dunn with Luke Combs
    Composer, Lyricist: Leon Eric Brooks
    Producer: Dann Huff
    Composer, Lyricist: Don Cook
    Composer, Lyricist: Ronnie Dunn
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    1. Bad Driver

      Great Job!! Great up and coming Artist!! "Give em Hell.....L.C."!!

    2. Seth Wyatt

      What a damn song, Luke really needs to cover more songs by other people

    3. C. Benoit


    4. Sean Stewart

      Damn clap track.. would be perfect without it..

    5. twi5t3d7340


    6. Jake Fernander

      Awesome song!

    7. Tex

      Really wanted to like the reboot but I still prefer the original.

    8. Matthew Weldin

      Just glad to see Cody Johnson included. Underrated artist, one of the best.

    9. Bryce M.

      Can we quit the damn clap tracks already?

    10. Marsh Donald

      Luke combs fucking sucks. And take this auto tune shit the fuck out of it

    11. Andy Charbonneau

      I like the original better. It's more gritty..This is over produced... The three of them doing this song are likely much better live .. Luke absolutely has the voice to go with Ronnies..

    12. Cliff Gresham

    13. Collin Abbott5150

      The Clapping makes it sound like a Saturday night radio station remix. It ruins it. Sounds generic

    14. Brandon B

      No clap track. Great other than that

    15. GrimLock

      👎👎👎👎👎 original just Brooks & Dunn and why they need to reboot? All songs are great nothing wrong with them 👍👍

    16. Justin Combs

      This song is awesome good job Cuz

    17. Lizzybeth Clearwater

      I love everything about this.

    18. Mike Villa


    19. austin cooke

      I'm more of a guy that likes original content or songs, stuff, .....etc

    20. Chekaya Bickey

      Luke Combs ruined the song. And he changed the whole beat of the song...

    21. james harshberger

      This is and old Brooks & Dunn song. I guess I forget now n'then that most ppl just follow the Bandwagon these days. Most new country artists only get their first big album because of all the cover/cut songs they remake from yrs&yrs back. Brooks &dunn didn't have not 1 cover song on theirs. Not to knock Chris Stapleton because his voice is amazing and perfect for cover songs. Luke combs is really good W/writing lyrics too and has been for some yrs now but this was and older Brooks &Dunn song.

    22. james harshberger

      My dad played Brooks&Dunn all the time when I was a lil Sno'ty nose kid and every song grew on me over the years and me being oil field trash the words always painted my scene brighter, and this new music with other artists is definitely going to fit my album collection very nicely! I was just thinking some time ago how cool something like this would be

      1. Joshua Hern

        Love it you ol Kodiak!!!!! See you when the stoam passes!!

      2. Joe Mannix

        When your were a kid and you picked your nose all the time which was your favorite one to eat the boogers or the snot.

    23. andy rollins

      This is by far the best collaboration between 2 country artist groups ever 👌

    24. Noah Carmack

      why the heck do people like this pile of crap

    25. Amber Kluttz

      Love luke amazing.

    26. TrevorMurrayMusic

      Love Brooks & Dunn but I'd rather listen to the original version. They just need to do a new album. No help from "country pretenders" needed.

      1. TrevorMurrayMusic

        +James Dennis Wow he uses real drums???? Yeah that really make him country alright lol

      2. James Dennis

        Luke Combs is one of the few country artist that still uses actual drums in his songs. He is as real as it gets

    27. My Life

      HELL YEAH!!!!

    28. Megan Boyd

      Nice!! If this is how we get Brooks & Dunn back ill take it!!!

    29. Aaron Horn

      Hell yes!!

    30. Sensforce

      This is a dream come to life for Luke. Just shows how much he is respected by B&D.

    31. guitarpunk105

      Luke Combs can do no wrong IMO

    32. Rebecca Raynor

      I love this so much!

    33. lucybear1412

      These are the men that inspired this amazing individual we all know as Luke Combs!!! I wish I could sing with my idols!! So proud of you!!

    34. Kody Kill

      Good stuff, but I hate that fucking clap effect in the soundtrack. Nothing against Luke he did great, I just don't think you can beat the original! I think there is a little much auto In a few spots, but it is still a good breath of the legendary song!

    35. sixnine8740

      Luke = BADASS!!!!

    36. Mark Kendall

      How did they actually pull off making this song better?!

      1. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        They didn't. They made it EQUALLY as phenomenal by throwing in equally talented Luke combs.

    37. My_name_is_annoying_to_type Boii v2

      I love this!!!

    38. josh denton

      Gonna be a new classic

    39. K V D

      Love it

    40. Leo Karasinski

      It's not bad. The clapping sound effect ruins it for me

      1. CODY ADAMS

        Not bad but ruined? Interesting

      2. Shannon Reaves

        Me too...

    41. Tracey Hayward

      Awesome . Love this. Six Lost Souls Didn't See The Light .

    42. Julie Hachey


    43. Justin Snyder

      Listening to this, you can tell Luke has been playing this for years in bars guaranteed! Ronnie Dunn is hard to match...but Luke makes this his own. Great choice/pairing

      1. M. Mo

        Luke and the band do this song all the time at concerts.

    44. James Travis Dawes

      Not a fan!

      1. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        +Braden Anderson nope. Not even close. And besides I was as far from angry as you can get until some fucked up troll named Braden anderson sent me a comment. I keep my cool. That's my job as a therapist unless someone pisses me off which they never did until you sent me a comment and pissed me off. I don't give a fuck about your observation. Now if you don't mind I'm trying to enjoy a meal with my husband and kids at outback. I work during the week and so does my husband and we can't cook so we have to go out or go to drive thrus

      2. Braden Anderson

        +countrygirl countrymusiclover just as an observation... Every single one of your posts sounds angry, lol.

      3. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        +Razor Fish I only get angry at no life bitches who thinks I was anywhere near angry when I only get angry at bitches who thought I was angry based on a comment that I posted when the comment was so far from me sounding angry it ain't even funny. I also get angry at bitches who send me comments when I never sent them a comment to start with. I never once posted a comment that came anywhere near close to sounding angry. Just what the fuck are you talking about????? I was as far from angry as you can get until your mental ass sent me a comment. Pisses me off when people send me a comment when I never sent them one to start with. It also pissed me off when a bitch like you thought I was anywhere near close to angry. Bye

      4. Razor Fish

        +countrygirl countrymusiclover Why are you so angry

      5. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        Then fuck off bitch and go listen to trashler swift or shitty beybur

    45. David Stephen

      This is so awesome.... Thanks Brooks and Dunn and Luke... :-)

    46. Roy

      This is amazing. I'm dying to find out what the tracklist is for the entire album. Brothers Osborne, Ashley McBride, and Midland have me impatient.

      1. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        +BAMCIS13450703 first off only thing salty where I'm from is the food. Second of all anything from Ashley is equally her worst. And don't insult the word song. Songs are for talented people. Ashley has shits. And no stupid bitch radio singles don't always suck unless you're modern artists (only naming country because that's the genre this is) Florida Georgia line john partee mitchell tenpenny jordan Davis keith urban Eli young band lanco dan/shay. Any of their stuff whether on the radio or not all equally sucks. And I've never heard shitty Ashley on the radio.

      2. BAMCIS13450703

        Somebody salty as hell lmao and like most music anymore radio singles suck dive bar in dahlonega is her worst song by far

      3. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        +Kody Kill Midland is a group. How can you say dude is an underrated artist when there's three of them in the group. Jess Cameron and Mark

      4. Kody Kill

        Midland is a good pick, dude is a underrated artist!

      5. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        Oh God. Why the fuck did they put that no talent pathetic Ashley bitch on here??? Holy JESUS it should be illegal to be that shitty. Oh well there's one I'll be skipping and only listening to the original of. And I've pulled her up on youtube. Something about a dive bar in some city in Georgia. I tried to watch the video. Watched all of ten seconds. And she needs to get some of those tattoos removed. No female country artist looks that pretty with that many tattoos. I have tattoos myself but not big ass visible ones. I have the same tattoo of guns as miranda also on my arm. Got that tattoo because of her. But that's my only visible one other than the one on the back neck. It's six letters. The first letters husband four kids and dogs names

    47. j f

      I think I need a new pair of shorts... wow!!!

    48. luke Mayberry

      just nutted

    49. Travis Ackerson

      Please do Hillbilly Deluxe with Brantley Gilbert!!!

      1. Craig Brown

        Fk YEAH!!

      2. Jeffrey Burnett

        I agree hillbilly deluxe with Brantley Gilbert

      3. justen98

        + Justin Moore maybe?

      4. Anton Ternmyr


      5. Mikaela Rines


    50. Jeff Leonard

      Take out the "clap track" and this is AMAZING!

      1. Michael Dodge

        Take out nothin sounds good to me, you guys that are whining about it why weren't you there helping out with the song? Exactly shut up 🤣

      2. moon shine

        But you have all these kane Brown fans on here which think this is what their music should sound like done been told to die by so many kane Brown fans please save country

      3. Allan Hagan

        Saw the video of them in the studio together, it’s not an electronic beat machine. It’s the drummer.

      4. Kris Carroll

        Is that a clap track or the drums?

      5. Braden Anderson

        I mean honestly, who wants the clap? ;)

    51. Glenn Wilhoit

      I like it!

    52. ariam abreu

      O yea these songs sick yee yee

    53. GM Motorsports


    54. jmtilson

      Ronnie Dunn is my all time favorite voice in country music.!!! This reboot ain’t bad either!!! Thanks for giving us B&D hard core fans such a wonderful gift. B&D Reboot comes out April 3!!

    55. Brittany Keeling


    56. Cece Leann

      Hell yeah!! I'm normally sceptical about certain songs being remade but its Brooks and Dunn and Luke Combs. Country music at it's best! Love them!!

      1. Leeann Causby

        The full release date of the album is April 5th

      2. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        SOME of it's best

    57. Nathan Kurbis

      My favorite power duo and solo artist with a good song. Made my Friday even better!

    58. Brad Burkhart

      Omg!! This is awesome!! Luke Combs makes everything better!! 🎶❤🎶❤ Hannah Burkhart

    59. Brad M

      😂 I found out about the reboot album by coming across Believe with Kane Brown and first thought was, they should do Brand New Man.

    60. Andrew Johnson

      Who's here before 1000 views

      1. countrygirl countrymusiclover

        When did an audio have anything to view???

    61. Adam Freis

      Normally a cover/remake of Brooks and Dunn I’d say no way, leave it alone! But it’s Luke Combs so I’m down with it. Or Chris Stapleton. The only two actually keeping things country rather than bro country.

      1. Curtis Beal

        Colter Wall & Dillon Carmichael (who sounds just like Jamey Johnson)

      2. James Hughey

        Don’t forget Chris young he is one of the better country stars right now

      3. Adam Freis

        Cody Jinks is pretty good.

      4. CODY ADAMS

        The lack of people saying cody jinks is disappointing.

      5. drew blevins

        Mike Bacon everyone forgets Jamie Johnson

    62. UrbanCowboy777

      Unreal collaboration... fantastic

    63. Caleb Mayr


    64. Lee-Ann  Ryan

      So ready for this album to come out!! This is a great collaboration!!! 🙌🙌🙌

    65. antone86a

      A fantastic collaboration! There are so many "older" artists (using the term loosely and with great respect!) that have so many awesome, awesome hits that I'd love to hear refreshed with a bit of modern twang... Kix and Ronnie, fantastic! Luke what a way to work with these legends! Now, Alan Jackson, please have a crack at something similar (not that there's anything wrong with the originals!), I'd love to hear tunes like Don't Rock The Jukebox with some new artists!

      1. Hunter Standard

        Cody Johnson would be so good for don’t rock the jukebox

      2. antone86a

        SUTTY BUDDY mate, do you have a link to the concert you refer to above?

      3. SUTTY BUDDY

        He’d most likely would want to find the people who are close to traditional country as they can be first such as Randy Houser. I saw a video where someone had a full concert from Alan’s current tour and Randy came out and sang a little bit of “Chattahoochee”. All I know is Tracy Lawrence and Alabama both did this and now Brooks and Dunn. Would Travis Tritt do this? You never know.