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    Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 36 of “It’s Alive” and this time he’s making chocolate pizzelle cookies with sourdough starter. Perfect with some ice cream, in affogato, or just to snack on, join Brad as he tries to gets his pizzelle rhythm going while facing off against his beloved garage sale cookie iron.

    Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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    Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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    1. princessbooxox

      How I make cookies: Step One: Go to a shop Step Two: Buy cokies Step Three: Eat them Step Four: TA DA! lol

    2. Cedric Clark

      Lets get Bon Apetite to 3 million subscribers

    3. Ashlyn

      Is Claire really leaving BA?! :(

    4. Allice Park

      the editing on brad videos are perfect

    5. FimbulSleipnir

      Was anyone confused by Brad appearing sans hat? It just perplexed me as to why he looked so different in that little spot.

    6. G. Monte

      I get that americans have those strange things like "cup", but is there a proper describtion for other countries? In germany we don't know "cups" of something, thats totally inaccurate.

    7. Marvee78

      "Like a baby's head, soft when it comes out"😂.

    8. Crownthepilot

      9:26 *gasp* “ViNnY WHeres mY paper toweL”

    9. Whyzee

      And awesome “Office Pam” reference I love it 😂

    10. Whyzee

      It’s alive is easily my favorite IT-new series, I’ll also never understand why people dislike

    11. Dedestio

      Claire we need you.. "we?" 😂

    12. Dedestio

      Clare.. we need you? "we?" oh come on 😂

    13. Kevin James

      Nice four-color pen, my dude. 😎

    14. Karen Kaur

      Damn and here I thought they got a sponsor but brad just forgot the recipe smh

    15. cheska magalang

      judy is so cute!!! with her glasses and her up-do, she is just selling that look

    16. Andreas

      Don't worry, chum. Lots of guys have iron difficulties now again. Its nothing to be ashamed of.

    17. Darren Garden

      Here's a challenge for you, come up with a vegan alternative for your recipes. Loving your content, but I can't eat most of what you make and that makes me sad. 😔

    18. Darren Garden

      I believe for every drop of crushed garlic juice that falls, subscriptions grow🎵

    19. Paige Cooke

      gonna start lookin like a *custard*

    20. Paige Cooke

      does anyone else j watch these just bc like... brad

    21. CookedPizza

      Make salami pls

    22. DanyFerdz

      16:16 "you gotta find your sweet with it"

    23. Potato Tornado

      Semper perotis is also from all the sharknado

    24. Joe Gardner

      Brad, Clair and Vinnie. The dream team

    25. ElectroLlama

      14:32 "...but things *PAMmed out"

    26. Pasathorn Yodtaweepornanan

      I really like Brad and Claire combo.

    27. skylar brownlee

      try to tell me this man is not luke from gilmore girls

    28. Kylie Ball

      I wish Brad could host every show I watch.

    29. Jsh Shh

      The thing probably worth 60 dollars if you try to make it now. Probably cost you a thousand

    30. Lucas Suhr

      "It's tasty!" No this is Bon Appétit!

    31. Mr Toast

      My mind was blown when you put the hat on, thought vinnie was talking to us in the special announcement.

    32. Shireen Niloofar

      Is this.... is this the _last episode?_ ~I want more~

    33. kelli gilcrest

      i’ll smoke you out if you cook my munchies brad 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    34. S P I R I T

      Why does he keep calling me Vinny?

    35. KILO LINK

      Boney African feet 🙈😩😩😫

    36. dodge rockets

      Brad is actually annoying... jesus... you try so hard to be funny its not funny. Every other word is Vinnie... But no matter how bad you are your production is good so whatever...

    37. incoherentmuttering

      to whoever edits these videos: i love you.

    38. 2MinutesToMidnightt

      Hey Brad, can you make some yogurt or another type of cheese? Also, I went to a Farmers Market today and someone was selling koji chocolate. Cool!

    39. Stephanie Gutierrez

      im upset he didnt say wourder once :'(

    40. Zachary Snowbarger

      6:27 no hat Brad is impostor Brad?

    41. Ryan Cross

      who made this ice cream? it looks real yum!

    42. no man's land

      Claire and Brad need to team up more. :)

    43. Daniel Stefanic

      732 gang

    44. Krystal S. S.

      I like white chocolate, I enjoy regular chocolate, and I hate dark chocolate. Yup, I said it.

    45. jj ratliff

      Brad is daddy

    46. SomeChickWifAHat

      The editing on these videos always makes me laugh 😂

    47. The Sweez

      Here in Southern New Hampshire, we say "pih-zay-lee." I don't know why. We just do. Also, I can never find them in any flavor other than anise, but I know other flavors exist. Stupid anise.

    48. Stars Lakes & Witchcraft

      I love the people in the bon appetite kitchen that work in the background for these videos. It makes it seem more lively and active.

    49. Andrew Ho

      Brad, make Ice cream

    50. Emily Tomlin

      I wanna see brad go noodling!!!