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Backstreet Boys - Chances (Official Video)

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    what if I'd never run in to you
    what if you'd never smiled at me
    what if I hadn't noticed you too
    and you’d never showed up where I happened to be

    whats a girl like you
    doing in a place like this
    on quiet night
    what are the odds
    what's a guy like me
    doing in a place like this
    could have just walked by
    who would've thought

    what are the chances
    that we'd end up dancing
    like two in a million
    like once in a life
    that I could have found you
    put my arms around you
    like two in a million
    like once in a life
    what are the chances

    what if I hadn’t asked for you name
    and time hadn’t stopped when you said it to me
    of all of the plans that I could’ve made
    of all of the nights that I couldn’t sleep

    whats a girl like you
    doing in a place like this
    in a crowded room
    what are the odds
    what's a guy like me
    doing in a place like this
    getting close to you
    who would've thought

    what are the chances
    that we'd end up dancing
    like two in a million
    like once in a life
    that I could have found you
    put my arms around you
    like two in a million
    like once in a life
    what are the chances

    Is it love
    Is it fate
    Where it leads who can say
    Don’t know exactly what it means
    Is it love
    Is it fate
    Where it leads who can say
    Maybe you and I were meant to be

    what are the chances
    that we'd end up dancing
    like two in a million
    once in a life
    that I could have found you
    put my arms around you
    like two in a million
    once in a life
    what are the chances

    Zach Skelton, Casey Smith, Fiona Bevan, Ryan Tedder, Shawn Mendes, Geoff Warburton, Scott Harris

    Ryan Tedder & Zach Skelton

    Pubblicato il 3 mesi fa


    1. Stacy-Ann Russell

      Im ten most ten year olds listen to. Ariana and Justin and. Other peeps. But. I love this. Band and they still got the voice yayayayay

    2. Mechelle Keepence

      As soon as I heard this song darlin it was our once in a life meeting. An average man like me loved by someone as beautiful as you what were the chances?

    3. Paula Catelan Bertoldi


    4. Vanessa Rosas Flores

      I love it!😊👍

    5. Sadiya Rabia

      You boys are amazing! 💋

    6. Rabia Rehan

      When you notice that one of the songwriters is Shawn Mendes.🙂

    7. Viktor Hartt

      I like this one! Well done!

    8. Sari Lina

      This is the reality album and family love mesage in this song "place"#like DNA ALBUM i love you guys 😗

    9. Sari Lina

      ILOVE BACK STREET BOYS IS BACK,i like this new song

    10. Youcef Rahali

      what happened to world this should be 6MB

    11. 中島駿

      I love it!

    12. atakhi86

      Those dancers make a really good job also!

    13. May Gajeto

      Im still inlove with them! Oh my gosh! Forever fan here😍😍😍😘😘

    14. 綺美華あみな


    15. Saga de Geminis x Natachan de Tauro

      que bella cancion *los amo* espero algun dia colaboren con BTS o SuperJunior

    16. haseeb awan

      Best music video ever....

    17. anna Phonchana

      Song: Chances Artist: Backstreet Boys Album: DNA Year: 2019

    18. Sun Spark

      Marshmallow n Selena Gomez

    19. wonder woman

      Obsessed with music as I am, this to me is truly one of the best songs ever - loved them back in the day - still do❤🙌

    20. Deepak Singh

      Beautiful song

    21. leonie 5209

      Teppat odr was

    22. guidofski

      Don't know if it's been mentioned before, but when Madison is checking the departures board at 0:04, the bottom line reads: "BSB CHANCES DIRECTED BY RENE ELIZONDO & AJ MCLEAN". I thought that was a really clever detail.

    23. exo’s Love shot

      Love this, gives me nostalgic feelings but also sounds so fresh!

    24. Orlando Oviedo Ortiz

      Why does not Kevin sing??.. 😪😪

    25. Amaiso Nensy

      What if I don't know this boyband .. I think my world won't be this great ..

    26. S T

      good song

    27. maria m

      They are the best

    28. Lukas Jancovic

      I heard this in the mall today and remembered these word "what are the chances odds 2 million" and found it thank GOD.

    29. Sky_Snoopy1107 1107

      I think people forgot what the dislike button means

    30. S DLS

      Eveybody saying that it is really good music. No quality. No originality. No difficulty at all.

    31. CayLee.J-Ru Bun

      No one can beat these 5 legends

    32. Astrid Huesca

      I love you babes

    33. best dance performance

      Shawn Mendes has written this song

    34. best dance performance

      1:21 He is wearing black nailpolish

      1. The Secret History

        That's our AJ. Glasses, tattoos, and nail polish. Never change ✌

    35. Sylvia Tirado

      Oh I love these guys this gets me all the time . Can't stop hearing it 😍😍😍😍😍my wonderful mijos

    36. Andrea Gatica


    37. Supernova Gaming

      This is real music that is not trash

    38. Reiko Sirikuntananun

      Love this song💕

    39. n h


    40. カンん

      韓国の人にBACKSTREET BOYS布教できた(*´ω`*)

    41. Chan Raksmey Kong

      Such a great song! Repeatedly listening to this song. Love BSB#DNA

    42. Tetiana Vynogradova

      I like this video, thanks 👏

    43. Fitnesshealth for all

      80's kids, raise your hands

    44. nicola richardson

      Never thought back in 1997 when i 1st heard 'I'll never break your heart' would i now at 34yrs of age still be a big fan of these guys xx

    45. Joe Francis

      The song is worth more than 19M...😍 Love you backstreet gentlemen ♥️😎😍

    46. tiago soares brito

      Simply one of the bsbs' best songs!

    47. Jeanette Jimenez

      I am thrilled to see them back at it!!! I can't wait for more.

      1. F V

        Here is more:: Before this song they released " Don't go breaking my heart" which was Grammy nominated After "Chances" they released " No place" a MV with their families and after " Breathe" which is an Acapella song One month ago they released their 9th album DNA which was number #1 on Billboard 200 and in that same week they were number #1 artist on Billboard Artist 100 Their World tour which starts in May it will be a 2to3 years long tour Meanwhile they are finishing their Vegas residency concert series which lasted 2years

    48. Rishikesh Mohite

      On repeat.

    49. haigara machado hair nails

      amei vcs terem voltado amo marcou minha adolescência

    50. Sona Yan

      Love you so much guys ❤

    51. Pawelo _

      Polska?/Poland? Backstreet Boys Back!!!

      1. besttttt87

        oczywiście :) czekam na koncert ! 24.06.19 :D

    52. Taaha Salodawala

      Backstreet Forever.. Nothing can ever replace you or take your place.

    53. Kurbah Kurbah

      My favorite band of all time

    54. E R

      Chills 😙🙌🙏 ❤😘🇨🇦😍

    55. Shane Filan is perfect

      WESTLIFE ➡️➡️ Hello My Love ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

    56. Hoàng Đào

      2030??? ai còn nghe không?

    57. Basilu manyu Kri

      Very nice

    58. Alan Noronha

      10 k dislikes seriously?

    59. RoiF

      They will be always my inspiration and a role model. I am glad I am aging with them and accept aging as an amazing thing like how amazing they are. BSB forever ever since. My respect and love to Backstreetboys 💓 💓..

    60. abbielovesmovies

      Always been a fan, always will be

    61. Erika Tebres

      Hermosa canción no dejó de repetirla una y otra vez!

    62. Matthew Frankowski

      I'm happy Brian's voice seems to be ok. Nick's hair though

    63. Andrea Kaletta

      So schön BSB 🔊🔊🥰

    64. Iulian Caldarescu

      Just never quit composing or singing, please!!

    65. it’s izzy

      back streets back again

    66. yasmin leila silva toro

      Buenísimo ,bravo !!

    67. Juliana Andrade


    68. Signe Kaušele

      Song is great, but melody keeps me reminding of song drifting - on and on. Especially begining is one on one

    69. Linor Takayama

      their voices are so beautiful, it feels like my ears are blessed

    70. Fernando Avila

      Alta facha Kevin, los años le sentaron mejor que a Nick

    71. L'I' S


    72. Peter Dittrich

      Minute 1:10 is the most emotional Moment when my hearts starts to Bang !!! Who feels the same rly?!?!?!?! and Always Returns back to that Moment ?

    73. go hutieu


    74. Josué Román

      Hi everyone. This is more than just good music : #HelpingHomelessness , Patriot rock anthem , #OneListen #HeartofaPatriot

    75. Irit Aria

      Howie's part...😍😍😍

    76. Rafli Andriansyah

      BSB Is the best!!!

    77. Isa Gomez

      This song is amazing and the album ❤️ Backstreet Boys Best band 😎 Great Music 🎶

    78. Dave Dylan Gamueda

      Nkakamiss kasi yung mga kanta nila iba talaga pag 90's

    79. Dave Dylan Gamueda

      Weslife and backstreet boys are back ...kelan nman yung a1 at nsyc

    80. Letxi Brito

      My like song

    81. Valter costa


    82. Bradley Voorhees

      such a sad ending :(

    83. larltm23

      *The feels!! Oh the fucking feels!!*

    84. Viera Bagley

      Um I had NO clue who the bsb are but when i asked my dad if they were a older band and he said yes and I was like wow that song is AMAZING.

    85. Thierry De Gang

      Strangely... just bcs of 1 person this song keeps repeating on a daily base! 😍😍😍

    86. Luonnonkosmetiikka With Deli

      When will Kevin make his own music?!?!?

    87. Karolina186


    88. junu thapa

      So pleasant to hear their voice ...!!! Lots of love 💕 ..!! Now it’s time to rock the world again go on BSB ...!!😎😎😍😍

    89. Pratijeet Singh

      90's kid hit like and tell ur date of year please

    90. best dance performance

      The dance at the end, just amazing

    91. best dance performance

      1:47 that frame feels so good

    92. Cláudia Jandira Pereira Costa

      A.JJJJJJJJJ 😍😍😍

    93. Цветочная Феерия

      I love bsb music

    94. Jad Marz

      Right. I'm actually getting a bit emotional watching this ... Won't elaborate on that.

    95. Let's Eat!

      A.J looks like a butler in this video lol, See you boys in August!!

    96. Jojo Tubishat

      Such a great song .. they came more handsom than befor .. pleas dont stop singing

    97. Francis Marmolejo

      i Was shook that shawn mendes is one of the writers of this song Amazing !

    98. Natasha Khan

      This song omg!!! If I hadn't stopped at the vending machine I wouldn't have turned around n crashed into him, we wouldn't have been married today

    99. Jose Alfredo Ponciano Carranza

      Escuchándola en San Valentín 2019