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Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

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    break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (Official Video)
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    Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
    for London Alley Entertainment Inc
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Pubblicato il 9 giorni fa


    1. Abigail Nanson

      I thought she said "I'll wake up with your girlfriend 'cause I'm bored"

    2. Lubo Rangelov


    3. Carla Nadir

      Hi guys

    4. Caitlyn Guibord

      I LOVE you Arians your amazing!

    5. Ellen Cederblad

      I can see Reggie over there from riverdale

    6. Mikey and Katie

      Check out our vlog👌🏼

    7. Str4pp3d M4g3 260

      Bitch please

    8. Sare Bear

      Break up with your girlfriend, because I see her, I like her, I want her, I got her

    9. balla visan

      ok...............i like it......

    10. xcyiol yt

      whenever i heard this before i thought she was talking to the guy

    11. gang shit

      Fucking dickhead why you steal qadecas flow ugly ass nigga

    12. Thiện Lê hoàng

      Hey girl What's up??? We need to break up now Why?? Tell me why 'Cause ari's bored Oh, do it now

    13. Oreo & Cookie

      the replay button is broken!

    14. Spaghettio A

      *I want your boyfriend, yuh yuh?* Sorry no..... *Yuh yuh?*

    15. Noobs

      Who is here before 100 Million?

    16. Pixie Cloudz

      is this a coming out video?

    17. G KNOWSA

      Please show the boy some love by clicking

    18. Kayleigh Howard

      Love this and there is melton in the 😍😂

    19. Izzy Riley

      She is what I call “Slytherin Queen” 👑💖

    20. Mr TD

      Riverdale lover's ???!!! 💪💪💪

    21. Here are the Avocados

      You like my man? Gee thanks just stole him 😉

    22. toufika Hajji

      Me: *post a picture on instagram* Also me: Caption: Break up with your girlfriend, because im bored.

    23. Nanna Kawaii


    24. Random People

      lol This song has 72M views (currently) in a week and bury a friend has 50M views in 2 weeks ARIANA IS A BOSS QUEENNNNN

    25. Arifin Nithen

      please break up with your girlfriend, ,because my love😍😍(Ariana grande) bored...

    26. Mina Abigail

      I love the music, I hate the meaning.

    27. Ashish JhA

      10M: 🔓 50M: 🔓 100M:🔒 500M:🔒 1B: 🔒 let's quickly open the all locks

    28. raade willassen

      Wake up with your girlfriend!!

    29. me llaman sofi

      omg reggieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mantleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    30. White Sugar

      Bitch that awesome!!’

    31. Shazia Tajneen

      Charles ❤❤❤❤❤

    32. Daniel Seriki

      Carmella must have been listening to this song too much lol

    33. Slimodolls

      Есть тут русские? Там Чарльз

    34. Ruxandra Coseraru

      Va pup din românia😝

    35. Kiara Youssoufi

      I ♡ this song my cousine love u very munch !! You are the Queen i see you in Sam and Cat and Victorious you are vert genial !!!❤️👑

    36. Rizky Susanty

      2:21 N'Sync

    37. Wasim Khan

      " Wake up with your girlfriend " that's what I hear randomly... 😂

    38. kaka edit

      I dont think the girl is Ariana. In the beginning she has silver hair, and when she looks at his girlfriend, she then tries to dress like her, and changes her hair color, clothes etc to look like the girlfriend. I think the mv shows that she wanted the guy, but becomes kind of obsessed with the girlfriend and wants to be like her.

    39. Evergreen Rhythm

      It's awesome music....adiccted

    40. Chintaka abeysekera walimuni

      why you havent more likes

    41. abigail

      he’s cute though

    42. Vilma Lindqvist

      Yassss girl😍

    43. Nasty business.


    44. kevin lopeez

      another twin of ariana

    45. Aw6ken

      Ariana is always dropping amazing music 🔥 she really Inspires me and I hope to work with her someday. Give me a listen, I'll surpirse you.

    46. Aizatul Azwa


    47. Rosatya Imanuela

      who dat fine ass boy model?

    48. Amee Divine

      Sorry but dude's not THAT cute lol. I love that she added NSYNC's verse at the end :D

    49. KillingYourSanity Xx

      Break up with your girlfriend cause I want her. BEST. PLOT. TWIST. EVER!



    51. xGaming

      Theory : Does Ariana like Girls ? I think she does.. Not hating xx

    52. AlexyNichole Pobre

      Cause Im bored🧠

    53. Narwal Dumm

      She could’ve used Gabi de martino for this video.

    54. AMyxox Msp

      Oioi Melton we see you

    55. ᖇEᗷEᑕᑕᗩ ᑎᑌTEᒪᒪᗩ ღ

      Guy: heyy ur really cute wanna go out some time? Ari: *tHAnK U nExT* Also Ari: Break up w ur girlfriend? *More like “woke up with your girlfriend yuh yuh, thank da lord yuh yuh”*


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    57. Ema Category

      Der Anfang ist sehr schön

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    59. Anjuka Renya

      First i thought...."she wanted that boy"...but after some time i realized...."shit...she actually wanted that girl...!"

    60. rimess crafty


    61. rimess crafty


    62. George Washington

      complete shit.

    63. Fanni Babinszky

      hulye poszterek a vegen,nem latom hogy kivel csokolozik😡😡😡😡

    64. Blind Records

      How much Lil Skies - Opps want me dead do you want? Ariana: yes

    65. janeli

      This song is awful, real women dont go after other womens men. Like for real there is a bunch of men in the club just act like a normal human and leave the couple alone.

    66. Bianca Claudia

      I love you Ariana

    67. itsmehamid alimmm

      its cutèeee

    68. shanta aadri

      Someone call 911 I can’t get this out of my head

    69. Emily Ritson

      Here for Ariana, like yas werk, but the title highkey grosses me out

    70. naz legend

      Yoo it’s Reggie from Riverdale

    71. Enk ku

      love it 😂❤️ your my queen ps coming to your consert in finland

    72. claudia candia


    73. Shay Harris

      Ari thanks you for this song. What you sung is what i really want to tell my crush

    74. Have a Banana

      Snake pups can transcend Your cage, 'cause I'm Lord You could see cool snake performin' Yeah, yeah, like it's Jaws I know it ain't right But I don't care (fangs) Break up with your jawline Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm eating hamsters

    75. Insta-Butterfly Claraa

      I was with Ariana since she has less than half of her subscribers she has now .

    76. Alexander Tok

      araina is sooooooooooooo beautiful

    77. Josue Depresivo

      amo esta canción

    78. Andy Appleton

      Ariana Grande puts Mozart to shame. This is genius art. My thoughts are that Ariana has elevated music as an art form. The genius of her expression is amazing. The corporation that created her song has spoken volumes for her sincerity. The lyrical content is poetry defined. They wrote lyrics for her to sing that have expressed the humility of her inner soul. The song writers stumbled for minutes as they created this composition via machinery and songboards. I am so in love. I am just taken aback by the honest expression that is the art of Ariana Grande. I am without speech. Thank God she has the millions of dollars that she has so diligently earned. Thank God no lesser artists aren't being ignored so we can all love the greatness of Ariana. Wonder when she'll have her first lesbian tabloid experience. Gonna be amazing.

    79. MAXERS Music

      New remix on my channel 😎

    80. Emrano Be

      Ariana iss sexy

    81. christaoving

      i am your biggest fan love you you do a good job 😍

    82. Charmaine Lysa

      I love her swag 3:07-3:10

    83. Whydontwe Reverse that

      Follow me on instagram @imzachgrande that’s new I am coming for clout in the comments section lol 😂

    84. Miang Smith

    85. Eva Young

      So goooooodd!

    86. ROKET BUNNY nothingness

      reggie tho😂❤️

    87. Bray Zap

      I will never understand people's fascination with this retard. Her music is so generic, bland, and boring. the lyrics are garbage. So stupid

    88. narges baray


    89. Sherlock Holmes

      Stole quadecas flow

    90. Kayzia Xxx

      Soooooo good song

    91. Juliano Bauknecht

      Did someone come here from Jeffree Star's recent Snapchat? I did 😄❤️

    92. Landa George

      I love this song I’ve listened to to it 5 times help!!!

    93. Rubber Duckie

      the title is iconic 👌🏻

    94. Emily Lawn

      Luv ya ari

    95. Andy Appleton

      This song makes me proud to be American.

    96. Noemie Greco

      Yasssssss 🥰🥰🥰

    97. Emma Vanderhoef

      2:24 *Only hatin on it cause I want JuIcE XD*

    98. our chubby

      Wow. She is a whole new nicki minaj.