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    Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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    Comment: all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it!!
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    1. Will Carroll

      I live in holy summit mo

    2. neelkumar patel

      Where is cricket!!?

    3. Mario Hinojosa


    4. Anais Noel

      Dilemma ugly third strengthen proposed scatter focus index negative agree signature camp defend

    5. HammerTyme 453

      can I just mention they can't throw a disc still enjoyed the video

    6. skyler games

      I was just in missouri

    7. djs2356

      Mmmm, Mmmmm..those Mens!

    8. Hassan Mirza

      nice video

    9. Priyanka Pandey

      What a shot

    10. Ritish Kumar


    11. Alaine Simon

      And cody and cory

    12. Alaine Simon


    13. Vircon Gaming

      Every battle I say hope Cory or coby win a battle but it never happens

    14. Filmz Dude

      I wish i could play that! It looks so much fun!

    15. R-Rex Anims

      Not gonna lie I ended up thinking Tyler threw the turtle on the shot right after he found it

    16. youre momma

      When they do that goodbye chant it’s kinda annoying

    17. Hyrum Okeson

      Love All Sports Golf, some ideas of items to use. Lacrosse Stick and Ball, Jai Alai (Miami Vice Intro), and Rugby Ball. Keep up the Fun!!!!!!

    18. The Triforce Eagle

      Sorry to tell you but that was a tortoise

    19. Immortal Danger

      is it just me or is ty the main caracter

    20. Scotty Grebe

      I am such a big fan and I’m from Missouri that’s honestly amazing

    21. Oliver Chatting

      Ngl but but this video was worse Than when I had incest with my sister

    22. Kingcj B

      Did anybody else see the three sixes 3:47

    23. Harry Harris


    24. bigbogboi


    25. emi Saiki

      Uhh EXCUSE ME!! Last time I checked I thought they had 33,000 subscribers. Not 33,000,000 😂

    26. Jaydecius Jr.

      Guys they have never used a golf club in this. Like if you think they should have a small iron for next year.

    27. elete sodieo

      You guys are amazing youtubers you deserve more subscribers than Pewdiepie

    28. Zanime *

      At first when he threw the hockey puck thing I thought he threw the turtle 😂😂

    29. KingStonewall

      Purple Hoser Squad


      Dude perfect is the best group of youtubers

    31. Dell Nelson

      Coby is so bad

    32. Levi Howard

      codys long put should be in a trick shot vid

    33. Fizzy Cosine

      Am I the only one that thought he threw the tortoise

    34. alfpolo29

      Penthatlon Golf

    35. Shamika Rich

      You should do overtime again

    36. Mark Waddell

      Track and Field stereotypes please!!!

    37. Isaiah Espinoza

      It was cool that Cody made thatlong put

    38. Joey Wheeler

      Best dp video ever

    39. bob Bob

      Na na na na na na na na eh eh eh wilfried zaha

    40. Doge Bleach

      Why his score go from 5 to 7

    41. Adam Beckwith

      I vote for a rugby episode with the USA eagles

    42. •••GNLS•• •

      Should have thrown the turtle lol

    43. RipjawGamer

      4:13 is this from a song if so what is its name

    44. BRAEGON

      Purple Hoser FTW!!!

    45. talking tom crowl

      Uxbridge oxidizes n Roddick fight do du u du fg djdue he yruehrh eye g vee he hi egeueheeheu egg uefejhwheurhehr he heheheueowoehrvr rbbr Thebes rbejekej fiduciaries toxic haulage Dousman hehfududvrur ge hd fg r u rhrihr hr hrhrr r g hurt their rr jobs t hr rjrhr rift. Rut rrj dur v r I f rr check r to rvr vr it rrvt f fit the tjr c s is raig hr i

    46. Felix Flamemco Flores

      Coby you should prank all of the dudes that your leaving the team

    47. BRAEGON

      birthday steriotypes

    48. Corey Grassmid

      that toe poke tho

    49. Mateus Gabriel

      Obrigado pelas legendas kkk

    50. FROKUMAS

      Pause at 6:37