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    Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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    Comment: all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it!!
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    1. Karen Reilly

      Why doesn't Tyler have his silver golf bag?

    2. Coops and Rj

      You should do Aussie rules trick shot video

    3. Ben Gomez

      I thought he threw the turtle

    4. Kitteen Claws

      5:40 i thought he threw the turtle 😂

    5. Nightmare_ X

      1-I got a dig bick 2-You that read wrong 3-You read that wrong too 4-you checked 5-you smiled 7- you are wondering why you’re still this reading this 8-you saw that mistake... right? (On 7) 10-but did you see that I skipped 6? 10-you checked 11-and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12-i said saw you, not you saw 13-i also skipped 2 14-you got tricked 15-I’m just wasting your time, I deserve a like for that, go back on reading comments

    6. Abdullah Emira

      SUBSCRIBE TO Furnace GAMING it's first on list MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE

    7. Gohant123 cool guy

      good job Garrett

    8. Abby S

      You guys rock

    9. Danny McCarthy

      Upload!!! Please dp

    10. Danny McCarthy

      Upload!!! Please

    11. Emanuel Yaqo


    12. Joshua Jaracz

      4 ?

    13. ActualCrown 1510

      Purple hoozer favo

    14. Crackshot

      Cory left his bag but he still has all of his stuff. How

    15. 9090fighter

      4:26 PURPLE HOSER *pop pop popo pop*

    16. David Valencia

      Soccer ball allows you to advance more than they do...

    17. gori shil

      it was funny

    18. Queze show Behanan

      Following me back thank u guy

    19. Queze show Behanan

      I love y’all guy I love your tricks shoot

    20. Varaganti Prudhvi

      Some cricket trick shots and battle bro

    21. Therandomcat247

      5:39 I thought he threw the turtle XD

    22. GhostxxSniper Wilson

      Cory left his bag on the course during ALL SPORTS GOLF BATTLE 2 love ya cor


      This vid is 💩💩🎅

    24. Gita Mahanta

      What a aim Tyler have

    25. kakashi hatake

      for a second there i thought he threw the turtle

    26. TJ Moore

      I wonder if any body realizes that every song on there videos is a Christian song

    27. Vance Sheffield

      That place is insane like if h agree😮😦

    28. Junior Medina

      Who things garrett should be a fisher man

    29. Tristan Me

      I like Garrett's Color Purple that is kind of my favorite color I also like blue

    30. Logan c

      I love dude perfect they are christan they don't cuss they do cool things what more could you ask for

    31. Lily O

      I’m Team Co_y

    32. Conor Tanner

      I’m 12 I’ve been watching sense I was 4

    33. Puppets R Us

      Nice job purple Hoser

    34. Dax Ledbetter

      Anyone team Cody

    35. michael taylor

      i want cory to win one i feel bad for him

    36. Extreme Videos

      Cory is terrible at all of the battles dude perfect does

    37. MC. Thunder

      Racket Ball? Have you guys lost your mind? It’s Tennis...

    38. Panda Savage

      Can I get 50 likes for Cory

    39. Nadia Schneller

      team purple hoser forever, go garrett

    40. SpoopyJash

      5:38 fight for turtle cruelty (you don’t look close enough it looks like the turtles been thrown

    41. Tommo Hasu

      I thought that Tyler threw the turtle!!!😱😱

    42. Beth O'Brien

      Go purple hoser

    43. Racer977191

      Has anyone noticed that Garrett kicks with his left foot but uses his right for everything else??

    44. jerome koh

      I thought that Tyler threw the 5:30

    45. Mohammed Zain

      I thought Tyler was going to throw Spot😂😂😂

    46. Isaiah King

      I dont think I'm correct but is ty the shorest

    47. Spock Spock


    48. Rayees Ahmedkhan

      U r awesome

    49. Kingsknight Cool

      I'm kinda confused how Cory forgot his bag at the airport, because how did carry all of his stuff

    50. David Poon

      I thought he threw the turtle across the field for a second. O.o