$1 Street Food Around The World



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    From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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    Pubblicato il 4 mesi fa


    1. Vladimir Pomorisat

      2:13 i will pay 10 dollars to eat that, looks prety good to me

    2. Dark Flash Greninja

      Please filipino next a Soup Called Mami

    3. Vittor Belfort Damian Del' Mont

      2:58 porra? in my country it means sperm

    4. PRAJWAL Shrestha

      Place go in nepal

    5. Leo Wunderli

      In switzerland you can get a chewing gum.. not even sure though

    6. Angelica Chung

      In the philippines

    7. Celia Rory

      Indonesia please

    8. Ana Mª Sánchez

      It's not "porro", it's "porrA" 🤣🤣 A "porro" is what you smoke that contains weed hahaha

    9. cristian garcia diz

      The Spanish one it is called porra, not porro. A porro it's a marihuana cigarette.

    10. Rexiinn

      I Just Wished You Included Philippines

    11. mariella alvarado

      Wow around the word but no Philippines its ok i live in LA😅 But im Filipino

    12. Alvar Johnander

      Feature sweden and theire food pls 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    13. SpookyBunni

      In kelantan for 1 dollar you can buy alot of things we it LIKE A BURGER,ALOT OF CHICKEN WINGS and more lol

    14. Arw1n

      Philippines pls

    15. Andre Gamayao

      Street food from Philippines

    16. Zhaa Gaming

      indonesia please 🙌

    17. dirtyzombiedude

      Here in chicago you can gtfo the store 😆😆

    18. Ceryus Business

      1 euro is like 0,88$

    19. Francheska Orfila

      You should go to Philippines next then buy angel's burger its only 35-50 pesos for 52=1 dollar...

    20. brusko fan

      in philipines your 1dol can buy anything

    21. KatieMae

      In new zealand $1 would get you nothing so yall lucky

    22. Tyler Chanthavong

      I’m getting hungry every time I watch

    23. wolfsana

      In Greece for $1 you can buy the entire country

    24. camaleon9

      I would like to see you having empanadas in Colombia 😊😊😊

    25. Jay Madayag

      Hey Buzzfeed do you have any Filipino staff or whatever. Can you hire someone to feature us. Thanks

    26. Nicolas Imhof

      Uruguay street food

    27. Andrew Liu

      Idk if I’m uncultured or not, but I had no idea what the Indian guy was making until the description popped up.

    28. dominadx gx

      1:17 thats 15 pesos not 12

    29. asetheticpeach

      aint no fish inside

    30. Kim Bangtan

      In my countries you could probably get a small bag of lollies😂

    31. curve your toes Christians

      More of this! Please..

    32. theonenani ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      In mexico you can get: Cocitos Fruit Conchas

    33. Maximilian’s Bitch •

      Germany Russia Argentinian Sweden that would be a video I would watch

    34. mertcan san


    35. doyoungheart

      porra in Brazil is cum

    36. xSnipes08

      I'm hungry wait oh yeah yeah

    37. Samsung/Android Is the best/Fortnite sucks

      Betcha didn't visit China. Specifically, Guangdong Zhuhai Sanzaozhen

    38. Sinistram

      In Chile you can buy a "Sopaipilla" and if you want you can put "Merken" on them, its magnificent. All tho, its a little less than the american dollar, its 300-500 CLP (0.50-0.80 +-)

    39. Maya #

      Am I the only one imagining the guy saying "hot tamale"

    40. Eric Johnson22

      The one in India looked fuckee awful

    41. Mary Abigael Go

      I'm pretty sure it's a PORRA and not a PORRO. Porro is a joint.

    42. JDM_jake

      United Kingdom

    43. Naomi Medellin Villegas

      Hola soy de México

    44. Brother mop

      They all look good then you see India serving diarrhoea and bread

    45. Julia Pedroso

      o nome daquele negócio é porra?? KKKKKKKKKK eu não tenho maturidade pra isso algum Br?

    46. čämôłă •

      Chile please

    47. Holly Anderson

      try United Kingdom food

    48. Don’t Be A COPYCAT

      That guy in India got so much food America got a hot dog lol

    49. ツPohani Krastavac

      Pav bahji i acutally tried that and it is so delicius better tgan anything

    50. Benjamin Allen

      2:08 THAT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!

    51. 9Nie

      Warsaw please

    52. Vitéz Huba

      Hungarys food

    53. MC Banner

      Serbia have best Cevapi.Go to Serbia

    54. FalLouT BoIi

      Every other country: Mhhh yummie India: sO buTtEry

    55. Erica Todorova

      I would like to see Bulgaria!

    56. Elaine Clarke

      Ha, the NY one can’t be true. Once a street vendor thought we were tourists and he tried to sell us one for $4 each. My mom bargained it down to $2 each.

    57. Anton Stuhr Feddersen


    58. Michellez Gacha

      2:42 i Have been there!

    59. Andrei09

      I am from Romania 👑

    60. alvaromoralyzz

      3:28 You said porro xd

    61. Raghav Srivastava

      Pav Bhaji reigns supreme. Best street food in the world for me.

    62. TheVictorXs s

      Porro is the same as Joint or Blunt... That thing is called Porra or Churro

    63. Mywtfvids

      Most of thoses bitches didn't have gloves lmao 😷😒

    64. Руфат Захидов

      Azerbaijan and Turkey. Poland as well.

    65. IncRedIblE 11

      Next Poland

    66. SVN Youssef

      Egyptian street food next time pleaee

    67. ZomeDash // Levi

      ''$1 around the world'' but $1.60 items and $0.60 items were bought, maybe find things that are actually a dollar

    68. Tyler van Tonder

      Come to south Africa

    69. joni

      Why you dont do in like the wset like israel dobay gaza the

    70. Ula D


    71. jacinto us


    72. Gorgon Goi

      In indonesia? $1 you can buy fried bananas and bandrek

    73. MrSceri

      Wait so all Indians dont work in tech support scamming?

    74. i arwa

      India is so disgusting 🤢

    75. MrSceri

      Africa : rock and Wooden stick

    76. AnGeL ATM

      3:25 vaya porro se va a fumar

    77. Luis Angel Rodriguez

      1:22 eso es un tamal no guajolota >:v

    78. cancollection

      Lol the Indians wash their pan wish bread 🙄

    79. Raffaele Irlanda

      Naples pizzetta fritta 1 euro please... 😀

    80. Flavia Arena

      Do that in italy at NAPLES


      Porro? WTF😂 Is "porra" A porro in Spain is a cigarette of marijuana 😂

    82. Lucky Luciano

      Wtf only 1$ , it,s 1.25$ in ROMANIA MORE EXPENSIVE

    83. nemanics 123


    84. Iris Lps cool :з

      Чо-то России нету😂

    85. Gurkamal Singh 7.x Krogårdskolen

      Try Amritsar, India Golden Tempel, its free food and you can eat as much as you want! Ps (it’s in every Sikh Tempel)

    86. Philstep PH

      Try philippine street food

    87. aji yra

      Sri Lankanstreet food!

    88. Alice Strömnil

      I don't know if we have so much for just 1$ but please have Scandinavian food in the next video

    89. Italia Olbia


    90. Bea Tabudlo

      Go to Philippines and try Fishballs,kwekkwek,kikiam etc. its worth the money I promise

    91. I3ulleZz

      1 euro 1 porra para que veáis lo mierda que es España

    92. YaBoiAvo YBA

      3:20 lol 1 euro for one porro? here in the netherlands for 1 euro you get like 10 with hella sugar

    93. Adeline Putri Channel

      in indonesia 1$ get chicken rice + ice tea 😂😂

      1. TheRedPower 89

        In italy naples you get a giant pizza for 0.60 cents

    94. Pardak

      Pardak! Nesutala?

    95. Egee0810

      I want to see "Isaw" from Philippines! :)

    96. Kassandra Erika's Tube

      _So sad :( Philippines was not there can you please visit the_ *_Philippines_* just once? *Please!!!!* *Please try the* -kikiam fish ball and other street foods- *there!!!!!* Luv u😘

    97. Mostafa Elassiouty

      Can you try Egypt next please

    98. Dj Mark


    99. anindita kanjilal

      Kolkatans (india ) make pav bhaji more neatly than Mumbai people .

    100. Dimesh Kularathna

      try in Sri Lanka